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Valuable technical information and tips pertaining to all aspects of servicing and repairing MAHLE Aftermarket products keep you up to date. The TM is available on a monthly basis.

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Technical Messenger

Issue no. 02/2019: Thermostat makes rattling noises

[PDF; 550 KB]

Issue no. 08/2018: Piston dimensions and installation clearance: what you need to know

[PDF; 681 KB]

Issue no. 01/2019 Mechanical overload due to starting when the engine is coming to a stop

[PDF; 660 KB]

Issue no. 07/2018: Installation note for oil filter inserts OX 379D and OX 370D1 www.mahle-

[PDF; 753 KB]

Issue No. 06/2018: Fluctuating coolant temperature

[PDF; 740 KB]

Issue no. 05/2018: Defective map-controlled thermostat

[PDF; 774 KB]

Issue no. 04/2018: Alternator not working

[PDF; 1462 KB]

Issue no. 03/2018: Damaged oil filter paper

[PDF; 1357 KB]

Issue no. 02/2018: Additional securing aids for air filter element LX 1566

[PDF; 1493 KB]

Issue no. 01/2018: Different fuel filter elements in the same housing height

[PDF; 1457 KB]

Issue no. 10/2017: Leaves in the water tank

[PDF; 1820 KB]

Issue no. 09/2017: Connection defect when changing the starter motor

[PDF; 780 KB]

Issue no. 08/2017: Bleeding the fuel system following a filter change

[PDF; 1102 KB]

Issue no. 07/2017 – Power loss as a result of defective crankcase ventilation

[PDF; 1220 KB]

Issue No. 06/2017: Alternator failure due to oil ingress

[PDF; 1867 KB]

Issue no. 05/2017: Instructions for the assembly of non-controlled turbochargers

[PDF; 1449 KB]

Issue no. 04/2017: Leakage after fitting the oil filter insert OX 388D Eco in 1.6 and 2.0 TDI engines

[PDF; 349 KB]

Issue no. 03/2017: Incorrectly fitted air filter element LX 2049/4 in Audi V-type engines

[PDF; 2474 KB]

Issue No. 02/2017: Starter motor failure due to overload

[PDF; 1317 KB]

Issue no. 01/2017: Piston damage due to broken piston cooling nozzles

[PDF; 613 KB]

Issue no. 9/2016: Corrosion damage on thermostats

[PDF; 1246 KB]

Issue no. 08/2016: Shaft separation in alternators

[PDF; 1310 KB]

Issue no. 7/2016: Foreign object damage in the turbocharger

[PDF; 1285 KB]

Issue no. 06/2016: Thermal problems after a thermostat change: air in the cooling circuit

[PDF; 1604 KB]

Issue no. 05/2016: Apparent oil leakage at the new turbocharger

[PDF; 1105 KB]

Issue no. 04/2016: Leaky oil filters: oil pressure regulating valve clogged

[PDF; 1652 KB]

Issue no. 03/2016: Decline in turbocharger performance—diesel particulate filter loading limit reached

[PDF; 2204 KB]

Issue no. 02/2016: Comparison of MAHLE oil filter inserts OX 404 and OX 813/1

[PDF; 1180 KB]

Issue no. 01/2016: Fitting instructions for thermal switches (TSW)— delayed opening and closing times

[PDF; 1136 KB]

Issue no. 03/2015: MAHLE OX filters with fleece end cap

[PDF; 1412 KB]

Issue No. 02/2015: Replacing the oil filter insert OX 787D in VW TDI engines

[PDF; 1582 KB]

Issue 01/2015 - Turbocharger mounting kits for PSA engines DV6ATED4 and DV6UTED4

[PDF; 1149 KB]

Issue 6/2014: Poor responsiveness and performance?

[PDF; 248 KB]

Issue 05/2014 - KL 82 – strange noises after replacing the filter?

[PDF; 296 KB]

Issue 04/2014 - Turbo tip-excessive crankcase pressure in vehicles with turbochargers 030TC14011000 or 082TC15850000

[PDF; 251 KB]

Issue 03/2014 - Oil filter OX 171/2D: engine damage caused by dangerous replicas

[PDF; 457 KB]

Issue 02/2014 - Trivial Pursuit - the search for the turbo culprit

[PDF; 372 KB]

Issue 01/2014 - Peugeot DV 6 turbocharged engines: essential steps for long-lasting damage repair

[PDF; 156 KB]

Issue 10/2013 - KX 191/1 D and KX 80 D - Difficulty starting after installing the filter? Tips for correct installation

[PDF; 327 KB]

Issue 09/2013 - Lack of performance or whistling noises after a turbocharger replacement? The truth is in the gasket

[PDF; 253 KB]

Issue 08/2013 - Problems following a filter change? Tips for fitting the MAHLE fuel filter KX 229 D correctly

[PDF; 327 KB]

Issue 07/2013 - MAHLE Oil filter insert OX 339/2D: oil pressure problems after replacing filter

[PDF; 272 KB]

Issue 06/2013 - Installing coolant thermostats correctly

[PDF; 296 KB]

Issue 05/2013 - Modification information: KL 431 becomes KL 431 D

[PDF; 557 KB]

Issue 04/2013 - MAHLE LX 1780/3 - anti-rotation protection in use

[PDF; 488 KB]

Issue 03/2013 - MAHLE LX 1025 air filter element - designed for two housing heights

[PDF; 632 KB]

Issue 02/2013 - Avoiding and eliminating KL599 leaks (Audi applications)

[PDF; 264 KB]

Issue 01/2013 - Installing the water level sensor in diesel fuel filters

[PDF; 338 KB]

Issue 07/2012 - Cylinder liners with cylinder liner ring (fire ring) - Information about function and assembly

[PDF; 407 KB]

Issue No. 06/2012: Fitting instructions for MAHLE oil filter inserts (OX)

[PDF; 1358 KB]

Issue 05/2012 - Filter inserts KX 178 D, KX 228 D and KX 220 D: risk of leaks due to assembly error

[PDF; 130 KB]

Issue 04/2012 - OX 171/2 D Eco and OX 171/16 D Eco: Critical design differences between MAHLE and the competition

[PDF; 328 KB]

Issue No. 03/2012: Complaints after an oil change in VW 1.2 and 1.4 TSI engines

[PDF; 871 KB]

Issue 02/2012 - Comparison of the MAHLE OX 188 D ECO and its Competitors

[PDF; 1098 KB]

Issue 01/2012 - Meltblown Microfibre Fleece for More Efficient Filter Elements

[PDF; 93 KB]

Issue 01/2011 - Cabin air filters with activated carbon

[PDF; 309 KB]

Issue 03/2011 - MAHLE Inline Fuel Filter for Renault Diesel Vehicles

[PDF; 157 KB]

Issue 02/2011 - MAHLE In-line fuel filters for BMW diesel vehicles

[PDF; 351 KB]

Issue 03/2010 - Clear the ring for the replacement of valve seat inserts

[PDF; 250 KB]

Issue 02/2010 - Oil filter successor OC 606

[PDF; 154 KB]

Issue 01/2010 - Assembling and Disassembling Valve Guides

[PDF; 155 KB]

Issue 04/2009 - Special gaskets at OX-type filters

[PDF; 148 KB]

Issue 03/2009 - Assembling and Disassembling Valves

[PDF; 262 KB]

Issue 02/2009 - Technical information for air filter element LX 791

[PDF; 157 KB]