You give your all to ensure that your work is always as perfect as possible, so that couriers, truck drivers, farmers, or construction workers can do their work with confidence. That’s why we’ve got your back. With great passion and commitment, we provide you with an extensive product range in the best OE quality as well as top service, so that you can fully concentrate on your job and make sure that everything runs smoothly.

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You can rely on us: MAHLE’s OEM competence

When it comes to commercial vehicles, you can rely on our extensive know-how and expertise. After all, MAHLE stands for outstanding quality and durability. By means of hard work, our products and systems have earned this reputation all around the world—both on the road and in off-road applications. One success factor is our OEM competence with almost all vehicle manufacturers and in all vehicle segments and product groups. And this has been the case for more than 100 years.

You can find MAHLE products almost anywhere in the world. We are a globally operating Group, because we want to be close to our OE aftermarket and workshop customers. MAHLE products always reflect the same quality—regardless of production location or region. Today, we produce MAHLE quality at 160 locations in over 30 countries. And each of our locations manufactures according to the same standards, with German engineering and know-how.

Well equipped at all times

In the future, MAHLE will continue to be your partner and first choice among your suppliers. Why? Because we know what tomorrow’s fleets will need. After all, we work along with commercial vehicle manufacturers to develop these vehicles. In our research and development centers around the world, we are currently working on alternative drive concepts—whether battery-powered, hydrogen-based, or based on climate-neutral fuels. The resulting knowledge also finds its way directly into MAHLE’s Aftermarket business unit. This is why we can offer and supply you with the right products for your work at any given time.

New powertrain technologies already in series production

In the case of light and medium-duty commercial vehicles, we anticipate increasing drive electrification, even though the combustion engine will still play a role in many regions in the long term. For this segment, we can use our products and solutions from the passenger car sector or adapt them relatively easily.

On the other hand, when it comes to heavy-duty commercial vehicles, we envisage another form of drive, namely the fuel cell with hydrogen as the energy source. For many years now, MAHLE has been a development partner and series supplier for fuel cell systems. With our technologies, we’re already hydrogen-ready in many fields. MAHLE is particularly strong when it comes to the complex air intake system and the temperature control of fuel cell systems. We are already supplying many products for series vehicles, and additional MAHLE components are currently on the test benches of passenger car and commercial vehicle manufacturers.

We’re working with Ballard to gain an even better understanding of the overall fuel cell system and to accelerate its development for the mass market. In doing so, MAHLE is contributing its extensive experience in the areas of thermal management, air management, power electronics, and packaging. We’ve set up an H2 test section in Stuttgart/Germany, where, since the spring of 2021, we’ve been testing the use of hydrogen in internal combustion engines for heavy-duty transport and in the overall fuel cell system.

As you can see, MAHLE is already working on almost all aspects of powertrain technology. We are preparing intensively to support you today and in the future with service and maintenance solutions, so that you can prepare for these trends.

Commercial vehicle expertise of MAHLE

Vans: city, country, highway

Vans are multifunctional vehicles, and when it comes to assemblies, they have a lot in common with passenger cars. But the versatile, fast, and light commercial vehicles are often subject to just as much stress as trucks. Your customers’ vans have to perform reliably even under the most challenging conditions—fully loaded and at top speed. Poor road conditions, high speeds, or constant stop-and-goes therefore require durable and high-quality components and spare parts.

Always on the move

Going the distance: Your customers in the van business earn money with every mile they travel—ideally 24/7, that is, every day and around the clock. But that also means that every downtime and every visit to the repair shop means lost revenue—whether these downtimes are planned (maintenance) or unexpected (defect). The operational availability of light commercial vehicles thus has a great impact on the profitability and total cost of ownership of your customer base.

Full commitment

Reduced fuel consumption and emissions are also becoming increasingly important for vans. A modern, robust, and efficient thermal management system also takes this into account. High-quality spare parts can make a significant contribution to extending maintenance intervals. And wide market coverage and high availability accelerate vehicle service.

Quick and intuitive diagnostics

Modern vans are in no way inferior to passenger cars in terms of technology. This also means that for many repairs or when servicing or inspecting a vehicle, you need a powerful diagnostic tool like TechPRO® from MAHLE. The tool delivers diagnostic results in no time at all, is intuitive to use and, with the digital ADAS function, allows for the calibration of driver assistance systems, so that your customers reach their destination safely. The Linux-based system communicates with all the modules fitted in the vehicle and responds to over 54,000 detailed OEM error code descriptions. For you, TechPRO® is a professional, economical and, thanks to online updates, always up-to-date solution for all aspects of vehicle diagnostics. Now you can even use it to check the batteries of hybrid or electric vehicles.

To ensure that the technician gets to his customer on time and that the package is delivered as promised, MAHLE provides you with the full range of products relating to engine cooling & air conditioning, workshop equipment & diagnostics, engine parts, gaskets, filters, starter motors & alternators, and e-mobility & electronics.

Heavy-duty trucks: for the long haul

Large, heavy, powerful: trucks are designed for a long service life and high mileage. The demands on them are high. Freight forwarders, fleet operators, and drivers are under constant time and cost pressure. Breakdowns must therefore be kept to a minimum.

The machine must never stop

Commercial vehicles are subjected to extreme loads. And not just because they carry heavy cargo. The vehicles have to travel great distances and are therefore usually on the road for a very long time: in the cold, in the heat, on dusty roads, uphill, and downhill. Extreme demands are placed on the engine and peripherals such as turbochargers, filter systems, and thermal management. So peak performance is always required. And in the commercial vehicle sector, new regulations to reduce fuel consumption and emissions are driving the further development of the powertrain.

Extensive know-how required

New valve train systems with variable valve timing, for example, ensure greater fuel efficiency and thus reduced costs. These systems integrate functions such as the engine brake, exhaust gas temperature management, and compression ratio reduction in order to lower combustion temperature and pressure levels. Saving gas makes drivers and freight forwarders happier and more satisfied—whether behind the wheel or behind a desk. However, this also requires extensive expertise when it comes to repair and replacement of spare parts. You also need a partner that can supply the spare parts in the required quality and that ensures the parts’ availability and market coverage for quick repairs.

More performance, less exhaust gas

Almost every diesel vehicle produced in Europe, North America, and Japan is fitted with a turbocharger. MAHLE ensures you have access to a wide range of highly efficient exhaust gas turbochargers. In the truck segment, we cover more than 70 percent of turbo applications. MAHLE turbochargers are manufactured in line with defined standards, using the latest processes in state-of-the-art facilities across the Group. We are MAHLE, a long-standing development partner to international automotive and engine manufacturers.

To keep trucks running consistently over long distances, MAHLE has a wide range of products for your customers relating to engine parts, gaskets, filters, starter motors & alternators, engine cooling & air conditioning, workshop equipment & diagnostics, and e-mobility & electronics.

Construction machines: work never stops

These machines perform heavy-duty work day in and day out and are always tested to the max. Engines, transmissions, and cooling systems of construction machines must reliably withstand extreme demands. You’ll ensure that construction machines start without a hitch, withstand the high pulling, hydraulic, and lifting power over a long period of time, and that they can also handle the constant changes between forward and reverse operations.

Power when you need it

Construction machines are used in shifts by different operators and must perform around the clock, in all weather conditions and on all surfaces. They are used when it’s extremely hot, cold, dry, or humid. Besides their full functionality, the focus is on safe work processes, which depend on the technically sound condition of the construction machines used. And this is only guaranteed if you use high-quality spare parts for regular and professional maintenance.

Combating wear and tear

Today, nothing works without highly efficient fuel, oil, and air filters, even in construction machines. Water, dirt particles, and other contaminants in fuels as well as impurities in the intake air, all increase wear, deteriorate combustion efficiency, and endanger operational safety. And what’s more, even under demanding operating conditions, starter motors and alternators are expected to perform optimally while withstanding salt, fog, humidity, water, dust, sludge, vibrations, high and low temperatures, and corrosive fluids.

Nothing escapes them

MAHLE offers you a complete range of filters for your machinery: from fuel filters with highly efficient water separation to intake air filters, lubricating oil filters, and oil mist separators, all in original equipment quality. As a result, you can ensure low-wear and failure-free operation of your customers’ construction machines. From the smallest gasoline engine to the largest diesel genset, our wide product range with modular solutions will meet your needs.

MAHLE filter systems are lightweight, very energy-efficient and reliable, and need little installation space.

To ensure that your work never stops, MAHLE offers a wide range of products for construction machines such as filters, starter motors & alternators, engine parts, electronics, and workshop equipment.

Agricultural machines: on the move on all terrains

Your customers’ agricultural machines are in use day and night, especially during the harvest season. Tractors pull loading and forage trailers and presses, roll the forage pile in the bunker silo, mix, feed, and are used for transportation. In other words, they are powerful multifunctional machines used on all terrains and in all seasons—irreplaceable in day-to-day business.

For high productivity

Tractors have also become very important machines on construction sites. This is mainly due to the machines’ high off-road capability, good ride comfort, and outstanding all-round visibility. You can usually plan tractor maintenance times well, so breakdowns are avoidable. In addition, by using high-quality spare parts for efficient cooling of the engine, transmission, fuel system, and hydraulic circuits, you increase the tractor’s operating hours and reduce fuel consumption. When you use oil, diesel, and air filters from MAHLE, the tractor’s performance and operational safety are also improved.

Perfectly air-conditioned

Air conditioning of agricultural machines is becoming increasingly important. This is because their operating hours depend not only on the vehicles, but also on the driver’s performance and concentration. And, in the various climate zones of the world, operators have to contend with intense heat, extreme dry cold, tropical climates with high humidity, or grain and road dust.

Optimal cooling

Radiators are essential for efficient engine cooling in agricultural machines. All MAHLE components, such as the radiator core and water tank—including all connections and fastening elements—are characterized by their meticulous design and long service life. MAHLE radiators are superbly efficient and are manufactured for a precise fit, guaranteeing ease of installation.

To ensure that the field is plowed on time and that the work on the construction site doesn’t stop, MAHLE offers you a wide range of products for agricultural machines relating to engine cooling & air conditioning, workshop equipment, engine parts, gaskets, filters, starter motors & alternators, and electronics.

For your know-how

MAHLE organizes training relating to its product range as well as other information services that enable you, your colleagues, and employees to take day-to-day workshop tasks to the next level—at MAHLE, on site, or simply online.

MAHLE’s subject areas are technically complex. That’s why we support workshop teams in all aspects of filtration, thermal management, units, engines, and new drive concepts. That means fewer complaints, reduced costs, no repeat repairs, satisfied customers and employees—and you always stay one step ahead.

The entire training program is aimed at supervisors, qualified technicians, and trainees from the automotive, commercial vehicle, and agricultural/construction machine sectors, as well as experts and, in some cases, sales staff.

In addition to seven theory training topics (theory in brief), our offer includes three special practical training courses on damage prevention for passenger cars, trucks, agricultural, and construction machines. MAHLE’s training courses are also available online if on-site training is not possible or if it would require too much effort and downtime. The online courses we offer currently cover all seven theory training topics. Whether on site or online, to arrange an appointment and register, or if you have any questions, please contact your MAHLE Aftermarket trading partner or e-mail

In addition, MAHLE is further expanding its service and information offer, not only with training courses, but also with a wealth of digital formats, such as repair and maintenance information directly via the service units, the MAHLE TechTool (all about the technology of thermal management for passenger cars and commercial vehicles in 12 languages), the Technical Messenger (interesting technical information and tips on maintenance and repair), and the CustomerCare Portal (in seven languages). Don’t forget to stop by:

There you can also download our training program.

Theory in brief

  • T-AC Air conditioning in the vehicle: air conditioning system design, function, and common causes of failure
  • T-EC Combustion engine in detail: from installation through diagnostics
  • T-FI Filtration in the vehicle: design, function, and common causes of failure
  • T-NT New technologies: opportunities and challenges of existing and future drive concepts
  • T-SA Starter motors and alternators: design, function, and common causes of failure
  • T-TC Turbochargers: design, function, and common causes of failure
  • T-TH Thermal management: cooling systems and components of the modern combustion engine
Course information:
Duration: 2.5 hours
Participants: minimum of 10
Fee: EUR 39.90 plus VAT
online training also possible

Practical experience

  • P-DP Damage prevention: engine periphery
  • P-TC Damage prevention: turbochargers
  • P-SA Damage prevention: starter motors and alternators
Course information:
Duration: 8 hours
Participants: minimum of 8, maximum of 15
Fee: EUR 129.90 plus VAT

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