Many renowned engine manufacturers develop and test their aggregates together with MAHLE in order to benefit from decades of bearing experience. These bearings are used on valve rocker shafts, camshafts, conrods, crankshafts, and balancer shafts in combustion engines. MAHLE is continuously developing materials and production technologies and manufactures bearing shells and thrust washers with diameters from 27 to 140 mm and bushings from 6 to 105 mm. Naturally at the highest quality, even for the aftermarket.

Engine Components Bearings
Aftermarket Engine Parts - Pistons


Intensive research and development, top quality, and a wide variety of piston type for every kind of engine have convinced all of the famous engine manufacturers to use MAHLE pistons. Of course we also make our pistons available in original equipment quality for the aftermarket.

Piston rings

Piston rings made by MAHLE are found in every leading vehicle brand worldwide. Together with engine manufacturers, MAHLE engineers develop and test the optimal ring set for pistons in new engines. The piston, piston rings, and cylinder wall must be coordinated perfectly so that the engine will function optimally for a long time.

Aftermarket Engine Parts - Piston Rings

Valve train components

In cooperation with international engine manufacturers, MAHLE develops the tribological system of valve train components: valves, valve guides, and valve seat inserts. The greatest challenge with valves is defining the design. In order to withstand the extreme mechanical, chemical, and thermal loads, and to guarantee optimal heat dissipation, our valves are designed for a wide variety of operating conditions.


MAHLE develops and tests its cylinder liners in close cooperation with all international engine manufacturers. Every customer has a unique set of expectations regarding the type or hardness of the alloy. But all of them expect that MAHLE will provide precise manufacturing while complying with minimal tolerances—and their expectations are met, thanks to well-trained employees, CNC machines, and constant in-line quality inspection. And the same goes for the repair shops in the aftermarket.

Controlled oil pump

The controlled oil pump from MAHLE is an innovation in oil management. Thanks to its great efficiency and ability to adjust oil pressure and volume intelligently as required, it offers a fantastic opportunity for reducing CO2 emissions and fuel consumption. Its use translates to a potential CO2 reduction of up to 2 percent compared with a conventional oil pump. MAHLE Aftermarket is now offering the first controlled oil pump in the spare parts business. In doing so, we’re sending a clear signal to our trading partners and to workshops: MAHLE is your reliable partner for all key components, engine accessories, and thermal management. Forward-looking, with new technologies right through to alternative drives. Your partner, today and tomorrow.


Exhaust gas turbochargers are a key technology for increasing performance. MAHLE is a long-standing business partner to international automobile and engine manufacturers in the development and production of highly loaded turbocharger components.