Starter motors

Starter motors from MAHLE Electric Drives are perfect for petrol and diesel engines in passenger cars, commercial vehicles, construction and agricultural machinery, ships, and stationary generators. Little wonder, as we have developed them for well-known global engine manufacturers. We meet their increasing requirements with ever more efficient, smaller, and lighter reduction gear starter motors that replace our previous direct ones. Thanks to our ISO 9001-certified processes, our customers can rely on MAHLE Electric Drives products for any application—even under the toughest conditions.


MAHLE Electric Drives alternators act as generators in passenger cars, commercial vehicles, construction and agricultural machinery of many large manufacturers. The service life and scope of the electrical system is increasing in practically every brand. At the same time, the space in the engine compartment is being reduced. Therefore, MAHLE Electric Drives has developed extremely robust, powerful, and compact products. With a wide range of products, the right variant is available for every application—and for special cases, our experienced engineers are happy to work as development partners. Our customers can rely on them as well as on our ISO 9001-certified processes and products.