Innovative solutions for the mobility of the future

The combustion engine will continue to keep us busy for quite some time. But the future belongs to e-mobility and other zero-emissions powertrains—on the road and in the workshop. We thus focus on both areas at the same time: MAHLE develops and offers the right products and solutions as well as a comprehensive service for sustainable mobility, whether with combustion engines, electric drives, or other alternative technologies and fuels.

Our services range from engine cooling and air conditioning to engine components, electrical systems & electronics, and filters through workshop equipment and diagnostics.

Especially at a time when mobility is rapidly changing, an experienced, dependable, and innovative partner is indispensable: a partner who not only guarantees quality, reliability, and expertise but also knows how to navigate routes that no one has traveled before.

With MAHLE, your workshop will perform at full capacity—today and in the future.

The perfect drive

MAHLE Electric Drives has plenty to offer to manufacturers of electrically powered vehicles and workshops that service them: for example, DC and AC motors, brushless permanent magnet motors, regulators and master control units, solenoids, displays, and keypads.

Fields of application range from automotive to forklifts to cleaning vehicles. But that’s not all—besides drives and controllers, they also provide hydraulic systems. They are even used in ships, for electric cable winches, and in air conditioning systems. And when new applications are created, our experienced engineers are always ready to help the developers.

Benefit from an even larger product portfolio from a single source with MAHLE—for all mobility solutions

We offer workshops a wide range of system and product solutions in the field of control and power electronics.

  • Actuators and switches
  • Electronics products, such as control units for diesel glow plugs and low-voltage motors, acoustic warning signal controllers, and electronic battery disconnects
  • High-performance electronics like DC/DC converters
  • Various sensors

Our portfolio means one thing: added value!

  • Global MAHLE network with a personal contact on site
  • An even bigger product portfolio from a single source—for all mobility solutions
  • Comprehensive technical support from the MAHLE Aftermarket product specialists
  • Knowledge transfer at MAHLE Aftermarket product training sessions
  • Control and power electronics for passenger cars and commercial vehicles in uncompromising original equipment quality from MAHLE Nagares
  • Many years of expertise in vehicle electronics development and manufacturing in the new Electronics product area
  • Access to the expanded product range, which now includes groundbreaking electronics applications and is constantly adjusted to market requirements

The cable for the mobility of the future

The charging cable is the lifeline of e-mobility. A high-quality connection between charging station and vehicle means that you can always charge your electric or hybrid vehicle safely, reliably, and at an optimal speed. That’s why you should choose the high-quality MAHLE MX 485 charging cable.

Robust original equipment quality

The MAHLE MX 485 charging cable is manufactured from high-quality components in OE quality. It is waterproof, weather-resistant (protection class IP 44), and designed for a tough everyday charging routine at temperatures from –30°C to +50°C.

Optimal compatibility

All common electric and hybrid vehicles as well as charging stations and wallboxes with type 2 connector plug (EU standard) can be connected using the MAHLE MX 485 charging cable. And a cable length of 5 meters offers the necessary flexibility in almost any situation.

Reliable charging

With the handy three-phase cable (mode 3), you can charge reliably and quickly with up to 22 kilowatts of charging power and 32 amps of charging current—for more than 10,000 charging cycles.

Product details

  • MAHLE MX 485 charging cable, length 5 meters
  • High-grade original equipment quality for more than 10,000 charging cycles
  • Type 2 plug in accordance with the EU standard (Mennekes design)
  • Three-phase (mode 3), 32 amps, 22 kilowatts, 480 volts AC (in accordance with the IEC 62196 standard)
  • Waterproof, weather-resistant, and usable at temperatures from –30°C to +50°C

Giving e-mobility a boost

The MAHLE TechPRO®/BRAIN BEE® CONNEX recognizes all error codes in just a few seconds. It communicates with all the modules fitted in the vehicle and responds to over 183,000 detailed OEM error code descriptions. It stores all the data protocols locally, thus offering subsequent output if required, without having to reconnect to the vehicle.

The robust touch screen provides for simple, intuitive operation of the diagnostic system—from the current vehicle status to guided troubleshooting through to relevant component coding. Thanks to integrated Wi-Fi, regular software updates are carried out automatically via the Internet. This ensures that the diagnostic tool is always up to date.

To further enhance the extensive diagnostic program for hybrid and electric vehicles, a new function has been introduced: E-scan! This function makes it possible to monitor the status of the battery and to print the corresponding report. E-scan is part of an ongoing development project in which further solutions for electric vehicles will be developed in the future. The new battery diagnostic function is installed on the BRAIN BEE® CONNEX and MAHLE TechPRO® diagnostic tools during the system update.

A must for every workshop

A/C charging is a highly profitable service that no workshop can do without. Performing such a service on an electric or hybrid car requires different procedures to that of an internal combustion vehicle for your own personal safety and to protect the system on which you are operating. The ACX range of charging stations has incorporated the hybrid function since its initial design, which manages the charging of BEVs and HEVs in total safety. In addition, the design of the POE oil containers ensures that the exact amount and type of oil is replaced during the service, while the OIL CARE SYSTEM cap prevents any moisture—and therefore possible sources of damage—from entering the system.

The ideal temperature

Controlling the temperature of the electric “heart” is crucial for all electric or hybrid drive vehicles. The battery pack’s cooling system therefore plays an important role, and—because it uses coolant—also requires periodic maintenance. Enter the new CSX unit—the most versatile and comprehensive coolant-exchange device on the market.

The innovative technology offers advanced features, including a powerful vacuum pump and integrated pressure sensors for varying quantities, as well as easy-to-follow automated procedures, such as built-in leak testing and preprogrammed coolant-exchange processes. Whatever your coolant service needs may be, the CSX unit has your back. Even though it was designed to meet stringent OEM standards, its flexibility allows it to be used in any market. Backed by the MAHLE name, which is synonymous with superior quality, each FluidPRO® CSX unit is crafted for maximum uptime and low maintenance.

Air conditioning: a service with potential

A/C service today, thermal management tomorrow: the future mix of alternative drive types will increase not only the complexity of work on vehicle cooling and air conditioning systems, but also the need for servicing. With MAHLE, you have a strong partner at your side and receive everything from a single source—developed with complete systems know-how from original equipment, delivered in proven quality. Good for you and your business, good for your customers.

With e-mobility, the correct temperature control of the drive’s individual components is extremely important, both for their service life and for the cruising range of the vehicle. Battery cooling takes place by means of an evaporator plate which is installed in the battery and connected to the refrigerant circuit. Indirect battery cooling has several circuits with coolant and refrigerant. In cold environments, the battery is heated. For this purpose, it is integrated into a secondary circuit that also works with coolant. When the temperature in the battery rises, the heating switches off and the coolant is cooled by the airstream. If this is not sufficient because the outside temperature is too high, the coolant also flows through a chiller. This works purely mechanically, as a kind of evaporator for temperature transfer between the refrigerant and coolant circuits.

Evolution of the circuits

The thermal management of combustion engines and electric drives has a similar technical structure. However, the latter is more complex because there are more components and sometimes also several cooling and refrigerant circuits that ensure the correct temperature control of the battery, motor, and power electronics. Due to progressive electrification, regular maintenance of the air conditioning system in the workshop is an important step toward preserving its value as well as the vehicle’s operational reliability.

Detailed insights into thermal management circuits can be found in our TechTool

The air conditioning compressor—the heart of automotive air conditioning

Air conditioning compressors are at the heart of the refrigerant circuit and thus of automotive air conditioning. Air conditioning compressors take on an even more important role in electric vehicles, where they are transformed from a comfort feature to a component that ensures reliable operation.

Air conditioning compressors recover refrigerant gas from the evaporator, compress it, and pass it to the air conditioning condenser, where it’s liquefied again—hard work around the clock. The role of the air conditioning compressor becomes even more important with the advancement of e-mobility, as it must also ensure the right temperature and cooling of the battery (which has a crucial impact on the service life, charging speed, and cruising range), electric motor, and power electronics (protection from damage). This makes the air conditioning compressor a central component of the powertrain.

With air conditioning compressors in proven quality, MAHLE enables workshops to offer their customers top service in all aspects of air conditioning. The new role of the air conditioning compressor and air conditioning system in alternative drives clearly makes the A/C service an even more important and lucrative service component.

Detailed insights into our air conditioning compressors can be found in our TechTool:

Lubricated and protected

A defective air conditioning compressor could lead to major expenses. You can avoid this by always using high-quality compressor oil. The oil plays a crucial role in compressor durability.

So why make life difficult for yourself when there is an easy way? When it comes to compressor oil, the recommendation is: PAO 68 oil from MAHLE. This nonhygroscopic, multigrade oil reliably lubricates the air conditioning compressor and is an economical solution for workshops. Our PAO 68 AA1 oil without leak detecting agent can be used in almost all air conditioning systems in vehicles with a combustion engine or an electric or hybrid drive. It is suitable for R134a and R1234yf refrigerants and for conventional piston and electric air conditioning compressors.

Our range of filters for alternative drives

Whether powered by electricity, natural gas, or solar power, one thing is certain: we need sustainable mobility. With our dual strategy, we’re playing an active role in shaping this future and developing pioneering filtration solutions for alternative drives such as fuel cell and high-voltage battery systems, because every powertrain technology requires filtration!

  • Over 75 cabin filters for electric vehicles
  • Over 125 cabin filters for hybrid vehicles
  • Over 75 air filters for hybrid/hydrogen-powered vehicles
  • Over 55 oil filters for hybrid vehicles
  • Over 25 fuel filters for hybrid vehicles

Expand your knowledge: our brochures and supplementary information

Conveniently download all our info on alternative drives—from our thermal management brochure for electric and hybrid vehicles to the Excel list of all MAHLE products for BEVs and PHEVs.

Click through the navigation slider and check out all our brochures and info on alternative drives.

Flyer: Technologies of the future—innovations and sustainable mobility

The flyer provides information on the need to focus more and more on the future and e-mobility, while keeping an eye on the internal combustion engine. In this respect, MAHLE offers 100% performance—today and in the future.

Download [PDF; 3228 KB]

Brochure: Thermal management for electric and hybrid vehicles

Electric and hybrid vehicles must also be serviced and repaired. The subject of thermal management will thus become increasingly complex. Temperature control of the battery and power electronics plays just as important a role in this respect as the heating and cooling of the vehicle cabin. This brochure provides exactly the right information on this topic, so that workshops are also well informed in the field of e-mobility.

Download [PDF; 1921 KB]

Product brochure: Air conditioning compressor oils

Whether you’re changing the air conditioning compressor oil or topping it up during an air conditioning service, one thing is certain: the oil in the air conditioning system performs vital functions, just like the blood in the human body—even in the field of e-mobility! Everything one needs to know about oils is presented in detail in this brochure, which helps workshops to make the right oil choices during their often hectic workday.

Download [PDF; 348 KB]

Flyer: Filters for alternative vehicles

Every powertrain technology needs filtration. Everything you need to know about this product range is presented clearly and informatively in this flyer.

Download [PDF; 1082 KB]

Brochure: TechPRO®—for optimal diagnostics

Accurate diagnostics are indispensable. This brochure provides an overview of MAHLE products in this product range, in order to give workshops just the support they need.

Download [PDF; 2848 KB]

Flyer: chargeBIG—the cable for the mobility of the future

The charging cable is the lifeline of your personal electric mobility. A high-quality connection between charging station and vehicle means that you can always charge your electric or hybrid vehicle safely, reliably, and at an optimal speed. This flyer provides useful information about this MAHLE product.

Download [PDF; 1309 KB]

Brochure: GREAT WORK! Supported by MAHLE Aftermarket. Our product range

Thanks to workshops, millions of people around the world stay mobile. There, mechanics always keep a cool head, even when things get complicated. This brochure provides the help needed to find the right parts quickly and easily. It contains a comprehensive overview of MAHLE’s products and services: from engine components, seals, filters, engine cooling & air conditioning to starter motors & alternators, the topic of e-mobility, & electronics, workshop equipment, & diagnostics, and sales & logistics.

Download [PDF; 16 MB]

The MAHLE product portfolio for electric and hybrid vehicles

All our products for BEVs and PHEVs in a single Excel document. Compact, clear, and easy to integrate into your own lists.

Download [XLSX; 121 KB]

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