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Enclosed you will find all the issues of the year:

Technical Messenger

Fitting instructions for thermal switches (TSW)— delayed opening and closing times

Regenerating particulate filters in Euro 6 diesel vehicles before emissions tests

A/C system leaktightness test using forming gas

A/C system leaktightness test using a contrast agent

Notes about lines with spring-lock connectors

Causes of a defective resistor on the interior blower

Notes on the function and replacement of oil control rings (fire rings)

Problems with the installation of the OC 248 spin-on oil filter in minibus campers

Polymerization of refrigerant R1234yf

Installation notes for the oil filter insert OX 1141D

Instructions for fitting piston rings

Characteristic features of electric air conditioning compressors

Risk of confusion over air conditioning compressor safety valves

Installation note for piston pin circlips

Issue no. 12/2022

Exhaust gas cooler leaking: important installation notes

Issue no. 11/2022

Causes of overload protection tripping in air conditioning compressors

Issue no. 10/2022

Corrosion on oil spin-on filters due to installation errors

Issue no. 09/2022

Overheating of the engine due to a defective expansion tank cap

Issue no. 08/2022

Important steps when replacing coolant thermostats

Issue no. 07/2022

Flushing air conditioning systems properly

Issue no. 06/2022

Damage to radiators due to wrong screws

Issue no. 05/2022

Using PAO 68 air conditioning compressor oil

Issue no. 04/2022

Damage caused by breaking in an engine incorrectly after repair

Issue no. 03/2022

Flushing the cooling system to avoid consequential damage

Issue no. 02/2022

Specific guidance for working on BMW radiators with different screw plugs

Issue no. 01/2022

Cavitation damage in the cooling circuit

Issue no. 09/2021

Important steps when replacing a filter-drier or accumulator

Issue no. 08/2021

Unused radiator connections

Issue no. 07/2021

Replacing the charge air cooler after damage to the turbocharger

Issue no. 06/2021

Oil filter OC456: oil pressure problems after filter change in 1.8 and 2.0 TFSI engines

Issue no. 05/2021

Oil quantity distribution in air conditioning circuits

Issue No. 04/2021

Special considerations when working with Visco® fans and clutches (CFF and CFC model)

Issue no. 03/2021

Leaks in the cooling circuit

Issue no. 02/2021

Replacing switchable coolant pump CP 623 000P

Issue no. 01/2021

Apparent leakage in MAN radiators

Issue no. 04/2020

Ensuring correct A/C compressor oil filling quantities

Issue no. 03/2020

Additional connection on MAN radiators

Issue no. 02/2020

Risk of confusion: oil filter inserts OX 183/5D and OX 183/5D1

Issue no. 01/2020

Alternators with an S terminal

Issue no. 06/2019

Fuel filter elements with meltblown coating

Issue no. 05/2019

Installation note on oil filter inserts with non-return mechanism

Issue no. 04/2019

Torn-off valve due to canted valve spring

Issue no. 03/2019

Thermostat makes rattling noises

Issue no. 02/2019

Mechanical overload due to starting when the engine is coming to a stop

Issue no. 01/2019

Piston dimensions and installation clearance: what you need to know

Issue no. 08/2018

Installation note for oil filter inserts OX 379D and OX 370D1

Issue no. 07/2018

Fluctuating coolant temperature

Issue No. 06/2018

Defective map-controlled thermostat

Issue no. 05/2018

Alternator not working

Issue no. 04/2018

Damaged oil filter paper

Issue no. 03/2018

Additional securing aids for air filter element LX

Issue no. 02/2018

Different fuel filter elements in the same housing height

Issue no. 01/2018

Leaves in the water tank

Issue no. 10/2017

Connection defect when changing the starter motor

Issue no. 09/2017

Bleeding the fuel system following a filter change

Issue no. 08/2017

Power loss as a result of defective crankcase ventilation

Issue no. 07/2017

Alternator failure due to oil ingress

Issue No. 06/2017

Instructions for the assembly of non-controlled turbochargers

Issue no. 05/2017

Leakage after fitting the oil filter insert OX 388D Eco in 1.6 and 2.0 TDI engines

Issue no. 04/2017

Incorrectly fitted air filter element LX 2049/4 in Audi V-type engines

Issue no. 03/2017:

Starter motor failure due to overload

Issue No. 02/2017

Piston damage due to broken piston cooling nozzles

Issue no. 01/2017

Corrosion damage on thermostats

Issue no. 9/2016

Shaft separation in alternators

Issue no. 08/2016

Foreign object damage in the turbocharger

Issue no. 7/2016

Thermal problems after a thermostat change: air in the cooling circuit

Issue no. 06/2016

Apparent oil leakage at the new turbocharger

Issue no. 05/2016

Leaky oil filters: oil pressure regulating valve clogged

Issue no. 04/2016

Decline in turbocharger performance—diesel particulate filter loading limit reached

Issue no. 03/2016

Comparison of MAHLE oil filter inserts OX 404 and OX 813/1

Issue no. 02/2016

Fitting instructions for thermal switches (TSW)— delayed opening and closing times

Issue no. 01/2016

MAHLE OX filters with fleece end cap

Issue no. 03/2015

Replacing the oil filter insert OX 787D in VW TDI engines

Issue No. 02/2015

Turbocharger mounting kits for PSA engines DV6ATED4 and DV6UTED4

Issue 01/2015

Poor responsiveness and performance?

Issue 6/2014

KL 82 – strange noises after replacing the filter?

Issue 05/2014

Turbo tip-excessive crankcase pressure in vehicles with turbochargers 030TC14011000 or 082TC15850000

Issue 04/2014

Oil filter OX 171/2D: engine damage caused by dangerous replicas

Issue 03/2014

Trivial Pursuit - the search for the turbo culprit

Issue 02/2014

Peugeot DV 6 turbocharged engines: essential steps for long-lasting damage repair

Issue 01/2014

KX 191/1 D and KX 80 D - Difficulty starting after installing the filter? Tips for correct installation

Issue 10/2013

Lack of performance or whistling noises after a turbocharger replacement? The truth is in the gasket

Issue 09/2013

Problems following a filter change? Tips for fitting the MAHLE fuel filter KX 229 D correctly

Issue 08/2013

MAHLE Oil filter insert OX 339/2D: oil pressure problems after replacing filter

Issue 07/2013

Modification information: KL 431 becomes KL 431 D

Issue 05/2013

MAHLE LX 1780/3 - anti-rotation protection in use

Issue 04/2013

MAHLE LX 1025 air filter element - designed for two housing heights

Issue 03/2013

Avoiding and eliminating KL599 leaks (Audi applications)

Issue 02/2013

Installing the water level sensor in diesel fuel

Issue 01/2013

Cylinder liners with cylinder liner ring (fire ring) - Information about function and assembly

Issue 07/2012

Fitting instructions for MAHLE oil filter inserts (OX)

Issue No. 06/2012

OX 171/2 D Eco and OX 171/16 D Eco: Critical design differences between MAHLE and the competition

Issue 04/2012

Filter inserts KX 178 D, KX 228 D and KX 220 D: risk of leaks due to assembly error

Issue 05/2012

Complaints after an oil change in VW 1.2 and 1.4 TSI engines

Issue No. 03/2012

Comparison of the MAHLE OX 188 D ECO and its Competitors

Issue 02/2012

Meltblown microfibre fleece for more efficient filter elements

Issue 01/2012

Cabin air filters with activated carbon

Issue 01/2011

MAHLE In-line fuel filters for BMW diesel vehicles

Issue 02/2011

MAHLE Inline Fuel Filter for Renault Diesel Vehicles

Issue 03/2011

Clear the ring for the replacement of valve seat inserts

Issue 03/2010

Oil filter successor OC 606

Issue 02/2010

Assembling and Disassembling Valve Guides

Issue 01/2010

Special gaskets at OX-type filters

Issue 04/2009

Assembling and Disassembling Valves

Issue 03/2009

Technical information for air filter element LX 791

Issue 02/2009