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Vandervell Racing Bearings

The vast majority of today's high performance racing engines use bearings made by MAHLE Motorsport. The bearing division of MAHLE Motorsport, formerly known as Vandervell, has been manufacturing bearings for over 70 years although the technology has moved on considerably in recent years. Such advances in bearing technology have been achieved by having a close partnership with the most successful teams in motorsport.

MAHLE Motorsport has put much of this expertise into creating a high performance range of aftermarket bearings. These bearings are manufactured in the UK to the highest quality by the very people who make bearings for F1 engines.

Many classic cars are extremely rare which makes sourcing parts very difficult for restoration. MAHLE Motorsport has the capability to make small quantities of bespoke parts for almost any application, and with all the care and attention you would expect from a company with a proud racing heritage.

Transfer of Premium Racing Technology - Racing Notch [PDF; 135 KB]

Transfer of Premium Racing Technology - Laser Marking [PDF; 162 KB]

Technical Information for Racing Bearings [PDF; 720 KB]

Catalogue Motorsport Bearings [PDF; 463 KB]