MAHLE Aftermarket is present at 30international locations, and several additional sales offices, with 1,798 employees worldwide and sales of EUR 898 million (2020).

Our 7 brands represent innovation and uncompromising quality: MAHLE, Behr, BRAIN BEE, Clevite, Izumi, KNECHT FILTER and Metal Leve. The selection offered by these brands gives us strong market coverage, and they are continuously maintained and expanded as required. With a comprehensive logistics network, our products are available as quickly as can be.

The MAHLE Aftermarket Service team not only provides the products that you need, but also advice and customer support to go with them. We offer a technical messenger, training programmes, and attractive sales promotions, including all required information documents, such as online catalogues.

Aftermarket business unit 2016 2017 2018 2019 2020
Sales (in million EUR) 899 956 928 950 898
Locations 24 25 25 25 30
Headcount (12/31) 1,555 1,574 1,713 1,731 1,798