Electric drive Systems

MAHLE Electric Drives has plenty to offer to manufacturers of electrically powered vehicles and repair shops that service them: for example DC and AC motors, brushless permanent magnet motors, regulators and master control units, magnetic switches, displays, and keypads. Areas of application range from automotive to forklifts to cleaning vehicles. But that's not all—besides drives and controllers, they also include hydraulic systems. They are even used in ships, for electric cable winches, and in air conditioning systems. Our experienced engineers are happy to help developers with new applications.

Control and power electronics


As a global development partner for the international automotive and engine industry, MAHLE stands for innovative, efficient solutions in the areas of engine systems, filtration, thermal management,

and electrics/mechatronics. The Spanish electronics specialist Nagares develops and produces control and power electronics for electric auxiliary components, thermal management systems, and e-mobility.

Its portfolio includes the following products:

  • Actuators and switches
  • Electronic products such as diesel glow plugs and low voltage motor control units, acoustic warning signal controllers or battery separation electronics
  • High-performance electronics like the DC/DC converter
  • Various sensors

MAHLE charging cables

chargeBIG and MAHLE develop charging solutions for public and private institutions. Charging cables are part of these solutions.

MAHLE Aftermarket is enlarging its product and service portfolio for the new e-mobility. System competence from OE experience.

Flyer charging cables [PDF; 1309 KB]

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