Transmission oil filter

MAHLE provides a complete range for professional automatic transmission oil services:

The ATX 250 and ATX 280 transmission flushing units allow you to fully automate the entire process. Of course, you will be given comprehensive training by MAHLE beforehand. Various adapter sets give you access to all the possible applications.

And we supply the right MAHLE transmission oil filters so that you can change the filter too. The unit removes abrasions from the transmission and provides important protection against damage. All of this helps to ensure that your customers remain satisfied in the long term.

More information on the ATX 250 and ATX 280 transmission flushing units can be found here.

Cabin filter

MAHLE cabin filters reliably supply the driver and passengers with clean air. They reduce dust on the dashboard and in the cabin, and avoid dangerous fogging of the windows. They also reduce the load on the blower and protect the HVAC system from contamination. Irreparable damage can occur to the air conditioning or heating system. The replacement intervals recommended by vehicle manufacturers should therefore always be followed. Rule of thumb: every 15,000 to 20,000 km. A regular sales driver for every repair shop.


Who's in the car, needs clean air to ensure a safe and concentrated participation in the traffic–and to feel comfortable. The air we breathe is, however, often loaded with harmful and allergenic substances and odors, which conventional filters can not eliminate.
The solution: Our world first CareMetix® with S5 broadband technology—5 layers provide 5-fold protection

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Fuel filter

Fuel filters in original equipment quality from MAHLE pay off in every way: in the short term with fair margins, and in the long term with satisfied customers. These filters are at work in passenger cars, buses, commercial vehicles, tug boats, excavators, and wheeled loaders. Because modern injection engines required extremely clean and homogenous fuels—delivered with as little pulsation as possible. But water and small foreign objects get into the fuel during production and transport. This can cause the engine to misfire and come to a stop. Since it is extremely critical that the fuel filter functions perfectly, all vehicle and engine manufacturers recommend regular replacement at prescribed intervals.

Air filter

Many major automobile and engine manufacturers rely on the expertise of MAHLE for air filters—for good reason: engine performance, torque, low consumption, and minimal emissions require well-filtered air. And our cellulose (paper) filters, plastic non-wovens, or a combination of both can trap just about everything. They capture up to 99.98% of toxic dust, soot, and tyre particles. The finest filters trap nearly all particles larger than 3 µm. This means that MAHLE air filters prevent premature wear of valves, cylinder surfaces, piston rings, bearings, and other engine components. But be careful: in order for the filters to work perfectly, they must be replaced at the intervals prescribed by the automobile manufacturer.

In order to protect the filters from moisture, the intake port is designed to keep water away from the filter element as much as possible. If moisture does reach the filter anyway, we have added another layer of protection. Our filter papers are impregnated with a special synthetic resin that increases the resistance of the filter insert to water and chemicals. Glue beads on the backs of the folds help the filter elements retain their shape.

Aftermarket Air Filter

Oil filter

MAHLE has long been manufacturing high-quality oil filters for many large automobile and engine manufacturers—and of course the same machines produce identical filters for the aftermarket. This high level of quality has clear advantages: it ensures reliable function, good engine protection, and satisfied customers. The diversity of types is constantly increasing, however, as new engine architectures allow less and less space in the engine bay. Areas of application range from petrol and diesel engines for passenger cars and commercial vehicles to motorcycles and small engines. Because optimal lubrication of the bearings is extremely critical in all of these engines, all vehicle manufacturers require that oil filters be changed regularly.

Urea filters

MAHLE urea filters reliably remove contaminants from the urea solution that can damage injection nozzles and other sensitive components in the SCR system, thus ensuring that these components have a long service life.

SCR systems help to reduce nitrogen oxides in the exhaust gas aftertreatment of diesel engines and to meet increasingly stringent emissions guidelines. These systems inject a urea solution into the exhaust gas flow, which helps to convert the nitrogen oxides in the catalytic converter into harmless nitrogen and water vapor.

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