MAHLE safety standards

The authenticity of the following MAHLE products can be checked: Engine components: pistons, valves, turbochargers, piston rings, bearings, cylinder sleeves, PCUs.

No other products, such as filters and thermostats, carry a security label.

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MAHLE safety standards

The white security labels are glued to the MAHLE packaging without part number.

Online verification - new security labels

How to verify that the printed code is valid:

- Have a mobile phone, tablet, etc. with camera function ready (Internet access required).

- Scan the QR code using the camera and confirm the displayed link to be automatically redirected to a MAHLE web page.

- The result of the authenticity check is displayed using the traffic light colors: green, yellow, or red.

If the scan result is red, please contact MAHLE.

Online verification - only old security labels

How to verify that the printed code is valid:

- Scan the 2D data matrix (MAPP code) with a 2D barcode scanner.

- Alternatively: Manually enter both lines of the MAPP code, that is, the GTIN and the random code, into the fields provided (including parentheses, but without spaces or line breaks).


Verification successful! This is a valid code for a MAHLE Original part.


Warning! The maximum number of checks for this code has been exceeded. Please contact your MAHLE sales partner if you have any doubt about the authenticity of your product.


Error! The code that was entered does not match the required format. Please check whether the entire code has been entered in a single line, without spaces or typos.

Offline verification - only old security labels

Verification at a glance

Compare the digits of the random code to the VeoMark information:

- Do the last 6 digits match the serial number on the VeoMark?

- Do the last 2 digits match the LensCode? The LensCode becomes visible when you place the included special filter over the label and rotate it.

1) HDI star (High Definition Image) for high-resolution copy protection

2) MAHLE logo in shimmering rainbow colors (most easily visible when the VeoMark is held up to a direct, artificial light source)

3) LensCode (= the last 2 digits of the random code)—becomes visible with the special filter

4) Serial number (black, outlined in shimmering rainbow colors)—corresponds to the last 6 digits of the random code

An additional security feature: the security strip

The security strip is affixed across the opening flaps of goods packed in Europe and serves as a seal. When the security strip is pulled off, the word "OPEN" becomes visible.