Filter Literature

CareMetix® – The innovative cabin air filter with S5 5-layer technology.

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A world first! Odor filtration in a cabin air filter you can experience! S5 technology: 5 layers provide 5-fold protection.

No matter what’s in the air outside, you can breathe easily inside. You breathe in, but smell nothing. CareMetix® eliminates odors.

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MAHLE Original filters are Filtration Perfected™, but what does that mean? It translates to:

  • Uncompromised Quality
  • Excellence in Innovation
  • Redefining Original Equipment
  • Superior Technology

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Need a filter for a Mercedes-Benz? The MAHLE Original® brand filter offers better protection!

Why choose the MAHLE Original® filter OX345/7D?

  • ƒƒIt has a 3-piece plastic end cap where the competition uses foam.
  • ƒThe top plastic piece on the MAHLE Original filter is ultrasonically welded to the endplate, which creates a housing for the flexible elastomer o-ring.
  • The OX345/7D is easier to install and has a thicker and more efficient fleece media with the same filtration capacity as the competition.

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Got a Hyundai Santa Fe/Azera*? Use a MAHLE Original® Eco Filter!

ECO filters are great for the environment…

  • Drain pin used in both OE and aftermarket replacement, patented by MAHLE
  • Eliminates shop floor messes caused by other filter designs
  • No metal parts Can be crushed and incinerated eliminating landfill issues
  • No danger of ground water contamination

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