Performance Gaskets

While other companies attempt to get by with a brand built on older technology - the company built on quality, technology and innovation defines the new gold standard in performance gaskets.

The MAHLE Performance gasket line is built from the ground up, using the latest technology and most advanced materials to seal and protect engines designed to run harder, faster and push beyond the limits of conventional gaskets.

Higher performing engines create more heat and harsher environments for gaskets, creating a need for more advanced materials to provide the optimum seal. From multi-layer steel (MLS) head gaskets, to double-perforated, steel core intake manifold gaskets; MAHLE Performance gaskets provide unrivaled quality across the board.

  • Comprised of multiple embossed layers of FKM (fluoroelastomer) coated and uncoated 301 stainless steel

  • Able to handle any application from naturally aspirated to boost or nitrous

  • Center or shim layer is an uncoated stainless steel layer which can be varied to accommodate multiple thickness requirements

  • No sealants or re-torque required

MLS Header Gaskets

  • Manufactured from high grade 301 stainless steel that will not burn through or blow out

  • Embossed spring steel maintains torque, requiring no additional sealers

  • Engineered for extreme exhaust temperatures produced by racing applications

Graphite Header Gaskets

  • Highly conformable, graphite blend facing with perforated steel core

  • Mechanically clinched on both sides to the facing to withstand and transfer extreme heat

  • Available for specialized racing heads and stock applications

  • Conformable fiber faced material with a double-perforated steel core, designed to allow the engine builder to trim the gaskets for an exact fit on stock or modified ports

  • Silicone bead sealed ports maintain seal under high vacuum applications

  • Port shapes for both factory performance and aftermarket racing heads

  • Base fiber material offered with and without a steel core that is resistant to coolant, gasoline, alcohol and oil

Steel Core Gaskets

  • Severe duty, fiber faced steel core with laminated anti-stick coating

  • Enhanced compressibility for good sealing and lateral rigidity

  • Safe for all fuels in naturally aspirated, supercharged and nitrous applications

Molded Rubber Gaskets

  • Silicone molded rubber, steel/plastic inner carrier with compression limiters to prevent over tightening and easy installation

  • Race inspired designs and materials

  • Surpasses the quality and ability of typical cork rubber gaskets