As you know, every automotive engine part will eventually wear out. If every part always performed for the full length of its expected life, your job would be fairly simple – to replace parts that have worn. Unfortunately, we cannot always count on an engine part failing only because its normal lifespan is exceeded. Mechanics must not only be a “replacer of parts” but they must be capable of diagnosis to determine why a part failed prematurely. Below are two different tools available to help you identify engine bearing failures.

Engine Bearing Failure Analysis Guide

MAHLE Aftermarket has created a brochure explaining various engine bearing failures. The pages of this manual are organized, for your convenience, into four major subjects:

  • 1. Appearance – an illustration and brief description of a bearing that has failed due to a specific cause.
  • 2. Damaging Action – what actually damaged the bearing under the conditions which were present.
  • 3. Possible Causes – a listing of those factors capable of creating the particular damaging action.
  • 4. Corrective Action – the action that should be taken to correct the cause of failure.

We believe you will find this reference manual easy to read and use, and that it will be very helpful to you in properly determining the cause of premature bearing failure.

Download PDF [PDF; 1101 KB]

Engine Components and Filters Failure Guide

Engine Components and Filters: Damage Profiles, Probably Causes and Prevention

MAHLE is a leading development partner and supplier of engine components and systems as well as filters for the automotive industry. In close cooperation with engine and vehicle manufactures, MAHLE engineers develop high-quality products worldwide. The same high-quality guidelines also apply to parts for the aftermarket.

Numerous checks during and after production guarantee the highest quality of MAHLE products. If problems occur during operation, they can usually be attributed to the engine, e.g. incorrect ignition setting, mixture preparation or the electronic control unit. Operating or assembly errors as well as inadequate lubrication and fuels are some of the main breakdown causes.

This brochure summarizes typical types of damage. It describes their probable causes and provides information on how to prevent such damage in the future. This should facilitate the search for the possible cause of damage. This information ensures the extensive and reliable functioning of our products and a corresponding long service life for engines.

Furthermore, our experts are also confronted with complex damage processes which cannot be explained in this brochure due to space limitations. However, in the event that damage occurs to our products, we will be more than willing to examine them at our facility and to write an expert damage report for you. Please contact your local sales partner or MAHLE representative.

Download PDF [PDF; 8 MB]