Suspicious? What should you do?

If you suspect a case of piracy or counterfeiting—and, naturally, if you have any further questions on this topic—our specialists are available to assist you. E-mail us at:

Thank you very much for your help!

What is piracy and counterfeiting?

Piracy is the unauthorised use of a brand (mark, name, logo, company name). When industrial property rights are violated and the illegal copy is circulated, this is known as counterfeiting.

What are the risks if I don’t use MAHLE originals?

MAHLE products fulfil safety-related functions in cars. The performance—often inferior—of counterfeit or imitation products drastically increases the risk of accidents and endangers the lives of passengers and other road users, as well as the environment. Seized engine valves can cause the engine to come to an abrupt stop, and faulty processing of leaky fuel filters creates the risk of explosion. The service life of other parts in the vehicle is also shortened, setting the stage for larger and more expensive repairs and invalidating warranty claims.

What important roles do patents play?

New developments in vehicle parts entail significant investments, which must be returned via product pricing. This is the only way to sustain future research and development work. MAHLE protects new developments through patents, as these prevent other manufacturers from replicating these products or acquiring a license until a period of 20 years has expired.

What consequences do counterfeiters face?

In cases of trademark or patent infringement, MAHLE follows a zero-tolerance policy and asserts its right to obtain an injunction. Nevertheless, it is our aim to reach out-of-court settlements with the perpetrators. In every case, however, the infringing party must expect consequences: the assertion of our right to information, reimbursement, and, often, compensation. Even if the infringing party did not manufacture the product itself, it must comply with the right to information and disclose its suppliers. If the defending distributor was the victim of its supplier, any claims asserted can be enforced with a cease and desist declaration, in close cooperation with and support from MAHLE.