MAHLE Original Gaskets – The Original Choice in OE Sealing Solutions

Technicians are increasing their demand for the ability to replace the OE part with a part that looks, feels, and performs as good or better than the original. This is known as OE Form, Fit, and Function ... And MAHLE Original® gaskets lead the way. 99% of gaskets sold in a MAHLE Original box meet this standard - far more than any competitor.

Following the MAHLE acquisition of Dana’s engine parts division in 2007 and the creation of MAHLE Aftermarket Inc., MAHLE invested major resources that had been lacking for years in an effort to grow coverage. The MAHLE investment in gasket tooling enabled the expansion to the industry coverage leader it is today. With 10,000 part numbers covering nearly 900,000 applications, no other gasket supplier is even close.

The MAHLE Aftermarket commitment to making Technicians’ lives easier is prevalent in the most thorough bills of materials in the industry. Every component a technician needs to complete a repair, from the biggest head gasket to the smallest o-ring, it can be found in a MAHLE Original® gasket set. This eliminates costly delays and returns while raising customer satisfaction leading to more money.

The MAHLE Aftermarket gasket team pioneered innovative packaging years ago, and it carries on throughout the MAHLE Original® gasket line. MAHLE is the only gasket supplier that designed a package enabling a counterperson or technician to either see the actual gaskets inside, or if it is a bigger set packed in a box, every one carries the image of the contents instead of simply a bill of materials like other brands.