MAHLE Letrika alternators: hard-working generators

MAHLE Letrika alternators act as generators in passenger cars, commercial vehicles, construction and agricultural machinery of many large manufacturers. The service life and scope of the electrical system is increasing in practically every brand. At the same time, the space in the engine compartment is being reduced. Therefore, MAHLE Letrika has developed extremely robust, powerful, and compact products. With a wide range of products, the right variant is available for every application—and for special cases, our experienced engineers are happy to work as development partners. Our customers can rely on them as well as on our ISO 9001-certified processes and products.

The demands on our alternators are pretty tough

Alternators from MAHLE Letrika are safety-relevant components: they must function failure- and maintenance-free over a long service life. Even under the toughest conditions, they work reliably: dust, mud, salt, severe vibrations, heat, cold, and electrical loads have nothing on them. We have not only tested them extensively and thoroughly, but also applied decades of practical experience to their design. Of course, our alternators also fulfil all international standards and requirements for electromagnetic compatibility, and are manufactured using environmentally friendly technologies and materials.

For the safety of people, engines, and the environment—only the best

Our alternators are made of high-quality, proven materials: bronze, copper, steel, and metal graphite. Moreover, their designs are adapted to the particular application and its requirements.

For example, the alternators for construction and agricultural machinery have extremely durable brushes and bearings, special support points for dust covers, and connections for intake air hoses. In addition, their components are also well protected. The alternators for passenger cars and commercial vehicles remain very quiet even at high rotational speeds, and have especially compact designs.

Research and development for the repair shop: so that you can continue to install safe products in the future

MAHLE Letrika works very closely with its customers all over the world and continuously provides them with the latest technology. The efficiency and specific output of our alternators are increasing. To this end, we are continuously improving the designs of our alternators—current developments are quickly incorporated into production.

Manufacturing of our products is based on environmentally friendly processes and materials. We test them just as carefully as we do our products. Our test labs are equipped to test practically any customer requirements.