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oneIDentity+ logo. Platform is used to check unique MAPP codes to ensure they are manufaturers original product.

Product piracy endangers end customers, damages a brand’s image and leads to loss of sales. As part of the initiative “Manufacturers against Product Piracy” (MAPP), renowned automobile suppliers are carrying the fight to product counterfeiters. As a measure to distinguish genuine products from fakes, all participating manufacturers mark their original products with a GS1 accordant data matrix code. This unique MAPP code can be checked with oneIDentity+ – worldwide, 24 hours a day. But oneIDentity+ offers much more. It is a manufacturer-independent service platform to support role-specific mobile processes and enable the display of marketing, product, and maintenance information or the connection to customer loyalty systems.

Successful Joint Action of numerous automotive suppliers in China

After receiving a clue about one underground warehouse engaged in selling counterfeit filters of many car brands, the Public Security Bureau (PSB) carried out various synchronized raids. Following extended investigations, investigators found another  two related warehouses. During the raid actions, PSB officers seized 20.458 pieces of counterfeit filters of different car brands.

Facing PSB´s inquiry, the trader admitted his counterfeit behaviors. The case is now under further investigation. In view of above findings it was a further successful action against product piracy.

Raid Action in Dubai

In Dubai a major raid action, where huge quantities of counterfeited auto parts were found, was carried out by a well-known car manufacturer. All the parts should be distributed in the local market. 18.000 pieces of oil filters were branded with MAHLE. It was observed that the logistic company was already raided this year and changed the brands he was dealing with. The importer seems to be a repeat offender and is now under observation.

MAHLE @ WCO Training in Uganda

To fight against product piracy, WCO organized another customs training in Africa, Uganda. More than 30 members attended the training sessions. The Customs is very keen to assist MAHLE with any future operations and seizures and will inform MAHLE of any counterfeit goods bearing our trade marks and being imported into or through Uganda.

MAHLE is represented in customs training in African countries

The existence of numerous counterfeits on the African market prompted the WCO (World Customs Organization) to organise a customs training session in Mombasa/Kenya. After addressing the counterfeit problem and potential solutions, various companies presented their measures against product piracy. More than 60 customs employees from 13 countries participated in the two-day training session to receive specialised training in identifying brand and product counterfeits. As was the case in previous customs training sessions, the presented information and examples were of great interest to the customs officers and may now be implemented in the subsequent customs measures—a first step for MAHLE to protect our customers from the hazards related to counterfeits in Africa. The MAHLE protective features on the packaging as well as additional counterfeit indicators were illustrated by comparing counterfeit examples and originals. Overall, the customs training session was a great success.

Just a few days thereafter, we received notice of confiscation of MAHLE cylinders at the border of a country participant in the customs training session. The parts were identified as counterfeits. Actions against the exporter were initiated in accordance with the applicable legislation.

MAHLE successful in fight against plagiarism in Asian region

Following extended investigations, counterfeited MAHLE and Knecht air and oil filters were seized in almost simultaneous raids conducted by the Public Security Bureau (PSB). Despite resistance of the owners, the officers were able to obtain a comprehensive picture of the situation and take further steps with the assistance of our trained investigators. The parts will be destroyed after completion of the investigation.

Further success in fight against counterfeits

Variety of MAHLE products found in the Middle East in and out of boxes.

Following investigations of various automotive suppliers, significant success in the fight against plagiarism was also achieved in the Middle East. At both locations, the resident workers confirmed that the parts contained there are repackaged and are locally branded no-name products. Various brands were seized, representing millions in damage to the affected brand owners. The workers have been provisionally arrested and a lawsuit is filed against the owner. MAHLE has launched an investigation against the supplier and other implicated parties.

New: MAHLE security labels now with UPC code

UPC code regulations for MAHLE Aftermarket. The UPC code starts with a country detection number, followed by a five digit manufacturers ID, followed by a five digit item number and ending with a check digit. The letters "UPC" will also be on the label

To guarantee the highest level of security against counterfeiting, we have been optimising the packaging of our new products since December 2016 to include the universal product code (UPC). This 12-digit barcode allows a product to be uniquely identified by manufacturer and product classification. During the transition period, two versions of our security labels will therefore be in circulation—one with and one without UPC.