MAHLE Letrika electric motors: power and control

MAHLE Letrika has plenty to offer to manufacturers of electrically powered vehicles and repair shops that service them: for example DC and AC motors, brushless permanent magnet motors, regulators and master control units, magnetic switches, displays, and keypads. Areas of application range from automotive to forklifts to cleaning vehicles. But that's not all—besides drives and controllers, they also include hydraulic systems. They are even used in ships, for electric cable winches, and in air conditioning systems. Our experienced engineers are happy to help developers with new applications.


The demands on our electric motors are pretty tough

Electric drives need to work perfectly in many extreme situations: aggressive fluids, humidity due to fog or water spray, dust, heat, cold, and vibrations. Our components are ready for all of this thanks to decades of practical experience, optimal tuning to the application, and extensive, thorough testing in MAHLE Letrika labs. Based on this expertise and ISO 9001-certified processes, our customers always receive highly robust and reliable products. Of course, the regulations on electromagnetic compatibility and all international directives and standards are met or exceeded.


For the safety of people, engines, and the environment—only the best

All types of drive motors with up to 18 kW, control motors with up to 2 kW, and various hydraulic motors with up to 28 kW are available. Voltages range from 12 V to tried-and-tested 80 V. Depending on the application, the motors are extremely quiet, robust enough to withstand brief overloads, or particularly well sealed against oil.