MAHLE products are used in every second automobile around the world; this is no wonder since the company is one of the 30 largest automotive suppliers and one of the top 3 systems providers. Almost all automobile and engine manufacturers work with MAHLE when dealing with piston systems, cylinder components, valve trains, air management, and fluid management systems.

The MAHLE Aftermarket division transfers this knowledge to our partners in retail, repair shops, and engine rebuilders—and of course into the corresponding products.

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A responsibility to be different

The Mahle Brothers, Hermann and Ernst in their founding years.
The Mahle brothers, Hermann and Ernst, in the founding years.

When you think of MAHLE, you immediately think of one of the 30 largest automotive suppliers worldwide, a globally active company, an important development partner, and provider of impetus for the international automotive industry. However, what isn’t immediately obvious to many customers, suppliers, and partners is that MAHLE is more than just a successful Group—behind the Company is the non-profit MAHLE Foundation, which holds 99.9% of the shares.

In 1964, Hermann and Ernst Mahle made a far-reaching decision: after living for the Company for over forty years, it was time to make plans for the future. Shaped by the political and social chaos of the Second World War and inspired by the idealistic image of mankind held by the anthroposophist Rudolf Steiner, the Company’s founders were not interested solely in the continued existence of the business. For them, it was equally important to acknowledge their heartfelt responsibility to society. So, once MAHLE was back on solid ground following the reconstruction, the brothers surrendered their life’s work and ownership to the non-profit MAHLE Foundation, which has held almost all the Company’s shares since that time. The voting rights are held by MAHLE Beteiligungen GmbH (MABEG), which was founded shortly before the transfer of ownership and is now known as “Verein zur Förderung und Beratung der MAHLE Gruppe Deutschland e. V.” (Association for the advancement and guidance of the MAHLE Group in Germany).

Thus, long before the word “sustainability” was on everyone’s lips, Hermann and Ernst Mahle set a benchmark for future-oriented and socially responsible business. Promoting health care, youth welfare, general adult and vocational education, and organic farming are key concerns of the MAHLE Foundation. Right from the start, the “Filderklinik”, a clinic near Stuttgart founded in 1975, largely thanks to the efforts of the Foundation, has been one of the main sponsorship projects. To this day, the Foundation provides financial support for the synergy of modern science-based medicine and holistic anthroposophical medicine—since 2006, the MAHLE Foundation has also been a shareholder of the non-profit “Filderklinik GmbH”. The Foundation also sponsors Waldorf education and research projects run by Witten/ Herdecke University, as well as numerous social and cultural projects in Germany.

However, as a globally active company, MAHLE also regards the need to take global responsibility—supported by the many employees who make a voluntary commitment to this aim—as self-evident. For example, in Great Britain, MAHLE sponsors the air ambulance service and the Elim Newlife Foundation, which is dedicated to the reintegration of Kosovan refugees, and supports the “United Way” aid organisation in North America. A focus of the international activities is South America, specifically Brazil, where the MAHLE Foundation founded a non-profit organisation, “Associação Beneficente MAHLE”, in 2007, which aims to allow all sections of the population in this country of extreme social contrasts to obtain good medical care. MAHLE’s philosophy is illustrated very clearly in Brazil: at one of the locations with the highest sales, with around 10,000 employees, economic success is directly passed on for the benefit of the community.

Neither the shareholders of MABEG nor the Foundation acquire personal wealth as a result of their participation; they merely hold the property of the MAHLE Foundation in trust. Only a limited share of profit is allocated to the Foundation, with the majority remaining in the Company—only by investing in your own future can you help to secure the future of others.