Engine Bearing Literature

Clevite performance engine bearings stand up to the pressure

Clevite® performance engine bearings are made of cast copper-lead providing 20% greater strength. Production for the competition utilizes the sintering process.

Casting Process:  

  • Copper-lead alloy cast at 2,000°F in an atmosphere controlled furnace
  • Copper penetrates the steel to create an indestructible metallurgical bond  
  • Structural supports are created in the cooling (quenching) process

Sintering Process:

  • Copper-lead powder spread on steel strip  
  • Powdered mixture is sintered, cooled and compacted  
  • Re-sintered, cooled again and rolled onto a coil  
  • No structural support and less metallurgical bond due to materials not melted together and quenched

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Easily Align Bore or Hone Main Bearings on 3.7L and 4.7L Chrysler Engines

The 4.7L Chrysler V-8, 2000-09 and the 3.7L Chrysler V-6 2002-09 use a bedplate connecting all the main bearing caps in one structural unit. This creates difficulty when align boring or honing the main bearings. MAHLE Clevite exclusively offers Clevite® engine bearings with .002” oversized OD main sets for these two engines. Sets for both engines are available in .25mm and .50mm under crankshaft sizes.

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