New packaging design for MAHLE Aftermarket products from 2019.

MAHLE packaging as of 2019. Creates a simple and clear messaging for workshops with bold colors, concise & easy to understand information for easy handling in the warehouse.

New packaging—proven quality

MAHLE Aftermarket products will come in newly designed packaging from 2019. Simple and clear for easy handling in trade and workshops. And of course, they’ll still have the proven MAHLE quality inside.

What’s new: Bold colors, concise information, and a clear design ensure easy handling and fast identification in the warehouse.

  • New reader-friendly placement of product description
  • Additional supporting icons for the products
  • Only the essential information is displayed

We also harmonized the color scheme, resulting in the following changes:

  • Change of BEHR packaging color from orange to blue
  • Color change for engine parts from red to blue

What’s remaining the same:

The KNECHT FILTER boxes will still be orange and the packaging for METAL LEVE products will remain yellow.

We haven’t changed the labels either—the high level of security remains the same.

We’re making it even simpler: MAHLE ORIGINAL becomes MAHLE

MAHLE original is now just MAHLE, image shows the transition of labels. MAHLE remains in blue with the copyright symbol also in blue.

If it says MAHLE on the outside, it’s got the original on the inside. That’s why, beginning in 2019, our global sales brand will become simply MAHLE.

Many changes, many advantages

Simple and clear—thanks to the new packaging design:

  • All relevant details at a glance
  • Easy handling in trade and workshops
  • Easy identification in the warehouse (from a distance) thanks to bold colors
  • High security guaranteed (protection against product piracy)

Strong look for seven strong brands

Person wearing a MAHLE t shirt surrounding by others in t-shirts of our family of brands such as BEHR and KENCHT FILTER.

MAHLE Aftermarket unites seven strong, international brands that are synonymous with innovation and uncompromising quality. Aside from the umbrella brand MAHLE, these include successful companies such as BEHR, CLEVITE, IZUMI, METAL LEVE, and KNECHT FILTER. BRAIN BEE, newly integrated into the MAHLE brand family in 2018, is the expert in workshop equipment and diagnostics for the markets in Europe, the Middle East, Africa, South America, and parts of Asia.


Throughout the world, the MAHLE brand is synonymous with spare parts in original equipment quality along the entire powertrain—from engine components, turbochargers, filters, engine cooling and air conditioning, starter motors and alternators through workshop equipment and diagnostics, e-mobility and electronics, and even spare parts for classic vehicles.