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The MBE 4000 / OM 460 LA is an in-line 6 cylinder engine which has a bore of 128mm and stroke of 166mm, with a displacement of 12.8L. This is a turbocharged engine with air-to-air cooling. Available in power ranges from 350 to 450 HP.

There are more than 60,000 engines in the United States, covering On-Highway and Vocational applications.

The engine can be found in three different generations; EPA98, EPA04 and EPA07, each one of them showing improvements to meet the demanding EPA regulations standards.

Although this engine is known in North America as MBE 4000, it is actually known worldwide as OM 460 LA; the engine serial number will start with 460. E.g. 460.926 0 0795965. Depending on engine serial breaks, EPA04 engines could require different piston part numbers. Verify your engine serial number to identify the correct parts for your engine.

The engine head consists of six individual heads. In the EPA98 and EPA04, the head and head gaskets can be found in two different styles, grommet and non-grommet style. Before installation, always verify the head gasket and cylinder head configuration is the same.

Different valves can be found depending on the engine model. Always verify the valve part number and shape of the valve head before installing the parts.

MAHLE Aftermarket Inc. now offers a complete range of engine parts, gaskets and thermostats to cover all possible combinations for this engine.

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