Camshaft Break-In Procedures

  • Coat the camshaft lobes & distributor gear with an EP lubrication such as CL400 "Cam Guard" or a moly-paste.
  • Apply the EP lubricant only to the lifter contact faces - not the bores.
  • Prime the lube system using new oil and filter.
  • Use only oils that meet or exceed the latest API ratings.
  • Do not use non-detergent oils, they do not have the anti-scuff additives found in modern detergent oils.
  • Start the engine and increase the RPM's to 1500-2000. Operate the engine for 15-20 minutes at this speed. The higher speeds increase splash lubrication and decrease nose loading.
  • Avoid excessive cranking, no start donations and fuel/ignition adjustments. The break-in procedure must commence as soon as the engine has oil pressure. If the engine fails to start within 15-30 seconds, it is recommended to re-apply the EP lubricant to the lobes.
  • If possible, following break-in, the idle should be adjusted to high specifications.