Tips for end consumers

Advice that competent car repair shops can give their customers
Here are a few tips for the customers of car repair shops whose help can keep turbochargers running at top performance.

  • Have the turbocharger checked if there are any minor irregularities
    If the turbocharger is producing any unusual noises, oil leaks, or vibrations, stop the engine immediately and check the engine. Do not load the turbocharger at all since even the slightest defect to the parts rotating at high speed may carry over onto other components and damage them.
  • Do not immediately rev the engine to full speed
    After starting the engine, it takes about 30 seconds until the oil flows completely through the oil circuit. Only then may you rev the engine at high speed.
  • Do not shut the engine off immediately
    If the engine was running at high speeds, do not shut it off immediately. The reason is that the turbocharger will continue to run without sufficient lubrication. An important tip for car repair shop customers: Before shutting down the engine, let it run at idle for about 20 seconds.