MAHLE® piston rings

Only MAHLE can say that it is the largest manufacturer of piston rings in the world today. This stability leads to a tremendous research and development foundation, which guarantees that MAHLE is the highest performing ring in both light vehicle and performance applications.

MAHLE® piston rings lead the way in ring technology and innovation for the Aftermarket – after all, MAHLE is the largest manufacturer of piston rings in the world. MAHLE piston rings are at the forefront of light vehicle piston ring technology. Extensive OE connections mean that MAHLE piston rings have the technological edge. Things like the CP-20™ oil ring, narrow compression rings, steel compression rings for gasoline engines, low-tension oil rings and coated compression rings for diesels all came from the OE. The MAHLE performance line proves time and again that it should be the ring of choice under every hood - regardless of the application.

Grey cast iron or ductile iron was traditionally the material of choice for automotive applications - today, steel is preferred over iron by more and more engine builders. Steel compression ring technology has been used in heavy-duty applications for over 30 years. That know-how has become essential to the design and engineering of today's automotive engines. Steel piston rings offer higher tensile strength, higher yield strength, greater fatigue life, and greater hardness while still offering a lower ring mass. These factors lead to better stress resistance, reduced groove pound-out, longer service life, better conformability, superior oil economy, and improved blow-by control while still lowering friction.

The MAHLE CP-20™ piston ring sets have raised the bar of quality regarding piston rings – plus their ease of installation makes them the premier choice for rebuilders everywhere. The CP-20 rings can withstand the harsh operating environments in today's engines. The CP-20 consists of a barrel-faced top compression ring for better seal and quicker break-in, a reverse torsional twist second ring for better oil control, and a new CP-20 design oil ring that is easier to install – chemically polished for better oil drain-back and a 20° ear angle to ensure side seal around the ring.

Whether you're repairing a modern computer controlled engine, or rebuilding an older engine, be sure to specify MAHLE piston rings, formerly Perfect Circle - trusted by professional automotive technicians for over 100 years.