MAHLE is the one source for superiority regarding internal engine parts. For lifters, oil pumps and timing components, MAHLE® is the one name that can be trusted as the best.


For the engine builder that chooses a solid lifter cam, MAHLE® engine parts offer the highest quality mechanical lifters found in the market today. These lifters are engineered to withstand the severe stresses associated with the higher lift and duration cam profiles used on our solid lifter cams. Mechanical lifters should only be used with cast iron camshafts and only those camshafts designed specifically for mechanical lifters.

Timing Components

MAHLE® timing belts are specifically engineered for each vehicle application. Belts should be replaced when they become frayed, stretched or worn. MAHLE roller chains are used on many applications including high performance, OHC engines and heavy-duty truck engines. Roller chains generally have reduced wear characteristics and increased endurance limits. Chains should be replaced when they become worn or stretched, as this will affect the timing of the engine and result in poor performance. A full line of dampers, idlers, tensioners, and guides are provided by MAHLE Aftermarket for import and domestic engines. Timing chain tensioners reduce noise and prolong the chain life. Tensioners also compensate for slack in a worn or stretched chain or belt, and help to maintain the correct valve timing. All MAHLE® idlers, tensioners, dampers and guides are precision-made to match and enhance the life of the timing system. Because these parts play an important part in keeping the engine running smoothly, they should always be replaced when the belt or chain is installed.

Oil Pumps and Oil Pump Components

A MAHLE® oil pump should be the heart of every engine rebuild. MAHLE replacement oil pumps are functionally equivalent to OEM-type specifications for oil flow and pressure. Each one is pre-lubricated and cycle tested with oil to insure that it meets performance requirements. In fact, documented test results show that MAHLE oil pumps produce up to 5 PSI more oil pressure than competitive brands under the same operating conditions. Nearly all MAHLE oil pumps use cast iron housings to offer better wear life and minimize clearance changes resulting from varying engine-operating temperatures. Cover plates are made of heat-treated, high-grade cast iron. Pump shafts are produced from fatigue resistant, high-strength alloy steel. All of these features contribute to your assurance of a long, trouble-free service life.