With the acquisition of the thermal management activities from Delphi Automotive PLC and the integration of the air conditioning compressor product group into the MAHLE Group, MAHLE has further expanded its leading position as an original equipment manufacturer. When it comes to vehicle cooling and climate control MAHLE is the competent technology-partner for all leading OE-manufacturers.

MAHLE A/C compressor with parts spread out to show the different components of the A/C compressor.


MAHLE Aftermarket: A/C compressors

MAHLE Aftermarket has added a product group to its comprehensive portfolio—air conditioning compressors.

We deliver the right solution to our customers for a broad range of requirements and specifications. Going beyond the basics, our premium range provides products designed to meet the highest performance and quality standards.

MAHLE A/C compressor pulled apart to show each part specifically that goes into each compressor.


A/C compressors: engineering, failure, and causes

As the heart of a vehicle air conditioning system, the air conditioning compressor is typically driven by a V-ribbed belt. The compressor circulates the refrigerant in the air conditioning system and—when operating properly—ensures that the optimal temperature is maintained in the cabin.

Indications of damage or failure of the A/C compressor:

  • Coolant leaking from the compressor
  • Insufficient cooling, or absence of cooling
  • Noise
  • Error messages in the air conditioning control unit or central control unit

Causes of compressor failure:

  • Incorrect installation
  • Insufficient compressor oil or refrigerant
  • Leaks in the HVAC system
  • Damage to individual air conditioning components
  • Solid matter contamination (swarf, etc.)
  • Moisture in the air conditioning circuit (due to corrosion, etc.)
MAHLE ArticPRO units for shops to ensure safe, compliant handling of air conditioning compressors.


Maintenance made easy: MAHLE A/C service units guarantee professional maintenance and proper compressor replacement

Vehicle HVAC modules are becoming increasingly complex to enhance comfort, safety, and efficiency. Our service units are designed to ensure safe, compliant handling of air conditioning compressors in the repair shop. Our ArcticPRO® line for refrigerants R134a and R1234yf is the solution for an ecological, economical, and efficient A/C service.

Perfect partnership: A/C compressors and cabin filters from MAHLE

MAHLE Aftermarket offers high-quality cabin filters to ensure that air conditioning compressors will continue to deliver top performance over a long service life. Cabin filters protect the air conditioning system against contamination and irreparable damages. The new CareMetix® cabin filter provides even greater protection—protection you can feel—against pollen, soot, mould, bacteria, and odors.

MAHLE CareMetrix cabin air filter creates protection over common allergens and odors.