Engine bearing undersize color chart

MAHLE engine bearing undersize color chart in millimeters. Standard is orange, blue is .001 - .026, purple is .002 - .052, black is .010 - .25, pink is .020 - .50, light green is .025 - .625, yellow is .030 - .75, grey is .040 - 1.00, green is .060 - 1.50.
Clevite engine bearing color code chart.

For over a quarter of a century, our engine bearings have been color coded for easy identification and installation. These aren't beauty marks, they are marks that insure you'll always be able to identify the right bearing size for every job. No confusion or uncertainty, just assurance that you're installing the right bearing every time. That's the kind of attention to detail that makes Clevite engine bearings the choice of an overwhelming majority of NASCAR engine builders.

All Clevite® engine bearings manufactured by us are color coded for quick and positive identification of undersizes. The possibility of confusion or errors in installation is virtually eliminated by checking the color code on the side of each bearing. Each of the eight variations in bearing size is represented by its own distinctive color as shown below.