For increased comfort and flexibility: MAHLE Service Solutions presents its innovative automatic transmission service unit

Stuttgart, 26 October 2017 – Demand for automatic transmissions is increasing—and thus also demand for services for this type of transmission. Following the successful first automatic transmission service unit generation, MAHLE Service Solutions is now bringing the next generation to the market. The new ATX 180 offers workshops an even easier, quicker, and more precise automatic transmission service according to the E³ principle by MAHLE Service Solutions.

Automatic transmissions provide greater comfort and efficiency. This is why they are becoming increasingly popular in many European countries, including Germany. With the growth in demand, the service for these transmissions is also gaining in importance. This is because the transmission oil is subject to aging and wear, just like all operating media in the vehicle. “By regularly changing the oil, motorists will enjoy their transmissions for longer”, says Olaf Henning, Managing Director of MAHLE Aftermarket GmbH. For a particularly easy and individual automatic transmission service, MAHLE Aftermarket now offers workshops the second generation of automatic transmission service units: the new ATX 180. “Thanks to the ATX 180 workshops are able to carry out the service according to our E³ principle: environmentally compatible, economically and efficiently”, explains Olaf Henning.

Intuitive menu navigation

The new ATX 180 guides the mechanic—supported by the ATX guide, an intuitive menu system—through the entire service. The ATX 180 also provides the mechanic with all relevant service information for an automatic process flow: from the input of service data, such as oil type, fill level, filter and adapter information, to the correct connection to the transmission through to work instructions and diagnostics advice. For a rapid service, individual steps such as cleaning or flushing can also be manually selected.

“Zero cross” purity during oil type changes

“Thanks to the new ‘Zero cross’ concept, we have succeeded in bringing a currently unique service concept to the market with regard to purity when changing the type of transmission oil”, says Olaf Henning. Oil types are changed by means of easily replaceable oil tanks. Using a specially developed hydraulic circuit linked to the software, the workshop can safely transfer the ATX 180 with minimal fresh oil to a new transmission and thus a new type of oil. As prescribed by some vehicle manufacturers, this prevents the mixing of different oil types.

The new generation of ATX has a “dipstick” mode, which allows the mechanic to perform the service alternatively via the oil dipstick’s guiding tube. The oil pan suction function included in the automatic mode makes it easy to change the oil filter.

An elaborate safety concept ensures that the infeed and outflow of the transmission oil are  continuously monitored, thereby ensuring the necessary oil level during transmission flushing. The detection and adjustment to the flow direction take place automatically. For vehicles with thermostats in the transmission oil circuit, the service will only start once a defined oil temperature is reached.

Comprehensiveautomatic transmission service from a single source

MAHLE Aftermarket recently introduced several new oil filters for automatic transmissions. Combined with the ATX 180 service unit, MAHLE Aftermarket thus offers a comprehensive automatic transmission service from a single source. Regularly scheduled filter changes are necessary for oil filters, too: They ensure less wear and therefore a longer service life of the transmission.


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