MAHLE manufactures and offers to the aftermarket high-quality, cast-iron, aluminum, FERROTHERM® and MONOTHERM® heavy duty pistons.

Many of the MAHLE Clevite aluminum pistons are cast with Ni-Resist groove inserts. These metalurgically-bonded, high-nickel iron inserts extend the life of the piston by reducing groove wear. Ultra-sonic testing assures quality and integrity in the bonding process.

Additional enhancements on aluminum pistons can include: heat plugs for pre-combustion engines, coated skirts for friction reduction and hard anodized piston crowns for better resistance to heat.

As operating conditions have become more severe there are cases where aluminum pistons have reached their operating limits. For these high performance late model applications MAHLE Clevite offers FERROTHERM® and MONOTHERM® design pistons.

  • FERROTHERM pistons consist of a durable forged steel crown coupled with a free floating aluminum skirt. These pistons used the MAHLE patented shaker plate design to help cool the piston crown insuring greater survivability.
  • MONOTHERM pistons are single piece forged steel pistons that eliminate the need for skirt. This simplifies the installation of the piston over the FERROTHERM design and at the same time insures superior endurance and performance offered by the FERROTHERM piston.

For foreign nameplate applications, we offer the same OE quality heavy duty engine parts in the MAHLE Original brand.