For too long, diesel engines have been classified as the work horses of the automotive world - now they get out and play. Diesel Motorsports is one of the fastest growing areas of racing. From tractor pulling to drag racing, and circle track to the excitement of monster trucks - these machines show that they are good for more than just hauling the cargo to keep America moving.


The National Tractor Pullers Association (NTPA) was established in 1969 by representatives from eight states (Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio, and Pennsylvania) and is the premier sanctioning body of truck and tractor pulling. The NTPA sets the standard in the heavy-duty industry and is respected by most domestic and foreign pulling associations. NTPA Championship Pulling always leads to gut-wrenching action that fills spectator grandstands throughout the Midwest ... and inside each and every one of these demanding engines is CLEVITE and MAHLE heavy duty engine parts.

Monster Truck

Many motorsports fans consider Monster Truck competition to be the epitome of Diesel performance. Exhibiting both speed and action, the competition is always riveting and rarely disappointing. Victory consists of being fast off the line, while having the power to get through the jumps and crush the cars on the way to victory. CLEVITE and MAHLE engine parts make sure that the engines are safe, and the only things that break are whatever gets in their way.