From the tracks of NASCAR and the most famous super speedways in the world to the dirt tracks throughout the Midwest and across America - CLEVITE engine bearings and MAHLE engine parts are at the heart of the fastest cars and the biggest wins in motorsports. A legacy of excellence that began decades ago continues today, and the relentless pursuit of excellence ensures that it will carry strong into the future.


CLEVITE® engine bearings helped carry Red Byron to the first NASCAR Championship in 1948, and today MAHLE supplies parts to every engine builder in NASCAR. While in between, every Champion throughout NASCAR history has relied on CLEVITE to power them to Victory Lane. Whether it was the modified stock engines of yesterday, to the racing purpose-built engines of today, CLEVITE and MAHLE are the choice of champions.

Grassroots Racing

Every Sunday afternoon, the biggest tracks in the world host the biggest races, but it is on short tracks across America on Friday and Saturday nights where modern day gladiators fight in arenas made of dirt and asphalt to see who can be the best. Grassroots Racing is the heart of Motorsports, and CLEVITE engine bearings and MAHLE engine parts are there to make sure these weekend warriors can go the distance and win trophies. Debates carry on over who is the best on the track, but there is no debate that CLEVITE and MAHLE are the constants of winning teams throughout Grass Roots Racing.