MAHLE receives CLEPA Award for SCT e-motor

The cooling concept of the MAHLE SCT (Superior Continuous Torque) electric motor was awarded the renowned Top Innovator Award 2023 by the Association of European Automotive Suppliers (CLEPA).

Stuttgart, 19 October 2023
  • Recognition in the “Green” category for the cooling concept of the MAHLE electric motor with highest continuous output
  • Technological leap with innovative oil cooling
  • MAHLE CEO Arnd Franz: “MAHLE is continuing to grow with electrification.”

The cooling concept of MAHLE SCT (Superior Continuous Torque) electric motors was awarded the Top Innovator Award 2023 from the European Association of Automotive Suppliers (CLEPA). The Stuttgart-based technology group won in the “Green” category. The new oil cooling ensures that the traction motor can operate at high output for an unlimited period of time. The performance of electric passenger cars and commercial vehicles increases significantly with this technological leap. Electrification is a future field within the MAHLE 2030+ group strategy.

“This award is very special for us as it shows that we can set new technology benchmarks in e-mobility with our innovations,” said Arnd Franz, Chairman of the MAHLE Management Board, Chairman of the MAHLE Management Board and CEO, when accepting the award on Wednesday evening in Brussels. “MAHLE is continuing to grow with electrification.”

The SCT electric motor means MAHLE currently has the longest-lasting electric motor in the range. According to test results, it can permanently deliver between 93 and 100 percent of its peak power. Unique on the market, this groundbreaking high ratio between continuous output and peak power allows the use of electric vehicles of all kinds even under very demanding conditions. Classic examples are road gradients for electric trucks or the multiple accelerates of a battery electric passenger car. These scenarios are only covered to a limited extent by the electric motors available to date.

This is made possible by the innovative integrated oil cooling system, which not only makes the electric motor robust, but also allows the waste heat to be used in the vehicle’s overall system. The SCT electric motor is unrivalled in its small size, light weight and efficiency. At the same time, the extremely compact design results in an advantage in the costs of materials and weight—a lighter motor requires less material during manufacture and increases the possible net load in commercial vehicles.

MAHLE recently presented a new technology kit for electric motors. This combines the strengths of the SCT electric motor with the advantages of the MCT (Magnet-free Contactless Transmitter) electric motor, which is also considered a benchmark. The “perfect motor” modular system combines permanently high peak power, contactless and thus wear-free power transmission, the elimination of rare earths, and the highest efficiency. “With this unique technology toolbox for electric motors, we can offer our customers customized electrification solutions for every vehicle class, application or even brand philosophy,” said Arnd Franz.



CLEPA Top Innovator Award 2023

MAHLE CEO Arnd Franz accepts the CLEPA Top Innovator Award 2023 for the SCT electric motor in person.

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The SCT electric motor from MAHLE

The SCT electric motor from MAHLE can operate indefinitely with high performance.

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MAHLE technology kit for electric motors

With the new technology kit for electric motors, MAHLE is combining the advantages of its benchmark products SCT and MCT electric motors for the first time.

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MAHLE SCT (Superior Continuous Torque) E-Motors



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