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Stuttgart/Germany, March 22, 2022

  • MAHLE is supporting workshops with free marketing materials right on time for the air conditioning service season
  • These include manuals for refrigerant charge and air conditioning compressor oil filling quantities
  • Available from wholesalers or directly from MAHLE

A properly maintained air conditioning system increases safety and comfort in the vehicle. Just in time for the start of the air conditioning service season, MAHLE Aftermarket is providing workshops across Germany with free support. This includes a number of new marketing and information materials relating to air conditioning service. Also available are the tried-and-true manuals for refrigerant charge and air conditioning compressor oil filling quantities, with important tips for electric and hybrid vehicles too. The package can be obtained directly from participating wholesalers or via the dedicated online platform

The free thermal management package contains around ten different materials, including flyers, posters, and service stickers and booklets, all designed to help with the marketing of air conditioning maintenance. An information brochure with a checklist on replacing the air conditioning compressor and flushing the air conditioning system provides useful insights and tips on repair and instructions on replacing the compressor. Other new items include a poster on “Flushing the air conditioning system with refrigerant” and a brochure with answers to 40 frequently asked questions about air conditioning systems, engine cooling, timing belts, coolant pumps, and charge air coolers. The brochure explains in simple, easy-to-understand terms why air conditioning systems need to be serviced, why windows fog up, and which repairs need to be performed together as a package.

MAHLE also provides information for electric and hybrid vehicles in the accompanying filling quantities manual. The air conditioning service is of particular importance for these vehicles, as the air conditioning system is also responsible for cooling the power electronics and battery. The air conditioning system is therefore no longer simply a comfort feature, but instead the key to the vehicle’s operation, performance, and service life. No matter the drive, a properly maintained air conditioning system increases safety, prevents mold spores entering the airflow and cabin, and avoids damage to the individual components of the air conditioning system.



With MAHLE’s extensive thermal management range, workshops have all the equipment they need.

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