Stay safe and comfortable through the winter with CareMetix®

Stuttgart, February 19, 2019 – Even in winter, it is advisable to check the condition of a vehicle’s cabin air filter. In city traffic situations in particular, with numerous tunnels, protective enclosures, and parking garages, the cabin air filter must always deliver peak performance to eliminate odors and minimize the impact on passengers’ respiratory systems.

  • Increased risk of humidity damage to cabin air filters due to waterlogging in winter: switch to MAHLE CareMetix® now!
  • MAHLE CareMetix® eliminates odors and minimizes harmful pollution in the cabin

Pollution from heating installations and small-scale furnaces, poor air quality due to thermal inversion, and the risk of humidity damage and mold caused by backwater — with MAHLE, none of this is a problem. Motorists can get through the winter safely and comfortably thanks to the CareMetix® cabin air filter. With its combination of five coordinated layers, it eliminates all kinds of odors. Whether in a traffic jam, tunnel, or parking garage, or near water treatment plants and agricultural facilities, CareMetix® protects against unpleasant, pungent odors such as exhaust gases and tar vapors, as well as sulfur and ammonia gases. These odors are almost completely neutralized, as demonstrated in laboratory tests and extensive tests in everyday road traffic.

CareMetix® also keeps particulate material and gas particles in the inflowing air out of the cabin. Moreover, it reliably filters out particles such as brake dust, diesel soot, fine dust, and tire debris from the exhaust of the vehicle in front. In addition, it protects sensitive components of the air conditioning system from premature wear.

CareMetix® is particularly effective thanks to its S5 broadband technology. The filter consists of five perfectly coordinated layers: a high-performance particulate filter layer, a molecular layer, two different activated carbon layers for adsorption of organic and inorganic gases, and a special protective coating.

To ensure the reliable supply of clean air to the cabin, the cabin air filter should be replaced once a year or after 15,000 kilometers.


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About MAHLE Aftermarket

MAHLE Aftermarket, the business unit specializing in spare parts, uses the expertise from the series production of original equipment in its automotive aftermarket product range and supplies trade, workshop, and engine repair partners. The portfolio also includes products developed by MAHLE Service Solutions for workshop equipment as well as comprehensive services and customized training programs. The full extent of this expertise is found in the MAHLE, BRAIN BEE, BEHR, CLEVITE, IZUMI, KNECHT FILTER, and METAL LEVE brands.

MAHLE Aftermarket is represented at 25 locations and other sales offices worldwide, with around 1,600 employees. In 2017, the business unit achieved a global sales volume of over EUR 950 million. 

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