MAHLE Insider 06/2023

The new MAHLE Insider 06/2023 is now online. Have a look!

The new MAHLE Insider with many interesting and valuable topics related to MAHLE Aftermarket is now online. This time we inform about the following:

  • New to range
  • Technical Messenger 05-2023: When filling A/C service units with the refrigerant R1234yf, polymerization can lead to total failure. Find out how this works and how you can prevent damage.
  • Inside MAHLE: What makes MAHLE workshop equipment so robust? Helmut Häussermann, Head of Service Solutions and manager of the plant in Donaueschingen/Germany, provides the answers.
  • Professional know-how: Booking of on-site or online training courses, interactive e-learning, and even more professional knowledge—it’s all available on our new training portal.
  • Office Goes Shopfloor no.3: How was the campaign received on the shopfloor, and would the employees like the exchange program to continue?
  • Simple and precise: With our practical online tool, you can easily find refrigerant and A/C compressor oil filling quantities for the most common vehicle types.
  • Smart e-bikes: MAHLE’s lightweight and compact wheel hub motors give e-bikers additional momentum, and with the latest update, the “My SmartBike” app is now even more connected.

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