MAHLE Insider 06/2022

The new MAHLE Insider 06/2022 is now online. Have a look!

The new MAHLE Insider with many interesting and valuable topics related to MAHLE Aftermarket is now online. This time we inform about the following:

  • • New to range
  • • Technical Messenger: The latest Technical Messenger explains why, following damage to an air conditioning compressor, flushing the air conditioning system is the most effective way of avoiding consequential damage. Check it out!
  • • Great work!: In the heart of Mexico City, Baltazar Aguilar Castillo and his employees use MAHLE Original parts to get engines back in shape and back on Mexico’s roads.
  • • Lightweight support: The lightest e-bike motor on the market today has been produced by MAHLE Smartbike Systems. Weighing just over 3 kilograms, including the battery, this lightweight design delivers powerful propulsion.
  • • Fill it right: With 225 new datasets, you can now find the right filling quantities for refrigerant and air conditioning compressor oil for even more vehicles in our online filling quantities manual.
  • • Quick fixes: In less than two minutes, get an overview of our comprehensive range of services designed to help you perform tasks professionally and efficiently.
  • • Fresh idea: The MAHLE corporate start-up Com4Gaming launches the first gaming chair with integrated cooling and active ventilation. It’s also ideal as an office chair.

MAHLE Insider