MAHLE Insider 06/2021

The new MAHLE Insider 06/2021 is now online. Have a look!

The new MAHLE Insider with many interesting and valuable topics related to MAHLE Aftermarket is now online. This time we inform about the following:

  • New to range
  • Technical Messenger: Read the 06|2021 edition to find out why you should also replace the charge air cooler after turbocharger damage in order to prevent further problems.
  • Generational smarts: The two new additions to the ATX series come with yet more clever features designed to make automatic transmission servicing even simpler and extra efficient.
  • Playing it safe: In their new video, the car doctors demonstrate a reliable method for avoiding expensive consequential damage when replacing a defective turbocharger.
  • The MCCP: ticketing: In the first part of our series entitled “Making the most of the MAHLE CustomerCare Portal,” we show you the benefits of the ticketing system.
  • Strong MPULSE: The latest edition of MAHLE’s mobility magazine for workshops is again packed with exciting topics—download it here free of charge.

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