CleanLine filter: an innovative concept for reliable results

MAHLE CleanLine filter now available worldwide!

Water in diesel is a constant threat to the affected vehicle components. It causes metal parts to rust and reduces the lubricity of the fuel, which can clog the fuel pump. With the new CleanLine spin-on oil filter, MAHLE offers optimal protection for commercial vehicles with diesel engines.

MAHLE CleanLine is an innovative, high-performance, and easy-to-change filter system for water and particle separation that achieves peak performance throughout its service life. The highlight is the two-stage variant for regions with inferior diesel quality. With this, dirt (stage 1) and water (stage 2) are removed separately, resulting in highly efficient cleaning.

Three versions will be available worldwide:

  • 2-stage CleanLine with integrated water reservoir
    (exclusively available in South America)
  • 2-stage CleanLine without water reservoir
    (available in EMEA)
  • 1-stage CleanLine without water reservoir
    (available in EMEA)