Gasket Literature

MAHLE Original makes a 5.7L HEMI® rebuild easier!

This MLS replacement head gasket is a consolidated design fitting all 5.7L Hemi 2003-2014 engines. The head gasket has been tailored to engine builders by accommodating 0.030” overbore. A thicker, four-layer gasket is also available to allow for cylinder head/cylinder block resurfacing providing the greatest flexibility in block/deck, cylinder head, and cylinder bore corrections.

No need to stock two different gaskets depending on the engine year.

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Working on a 3.6L Chrysler Pentastar® rebuild? MAHLE Original has exclusive coverage, including EVERY gasket you will need.

This gasket set (95-3748VR) includes 83 pieces, which are only offered by MAHLE Original! Three (3) oil pan gaskets are included to allow this set to fit nearly EVERY 3.6L Pentastar application.

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MAHLE Original has the MOST COMPLETE head set for the Ford 6.0L Power Stroke® engine!

The difference isn’t just the head gaskets... Not only does the MAHLE Original set include the head gaskets and 26 additional gaskets & seals (which are color coded to match OEM), YOU WON'T GET THE SAME QUALITY ANYWHERE ELSE!

Taking a closer look at the ex. manifold & EGR cooler gaskets

  • The MAHLE Original gaskets are application engineered multi-layered/embossed stainless steel which hold up against extreme temperatures of a medium duty diesel engine.
  • Brand F’s gaskets are made of an inferior graphite composite material.

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MAHLE Original has a Black Diamond™ coated 5-LAYER MULTI-LAYERED STEEL HEAD GASKET for the Ford Power Stroke® engine!

These MAHLE Original® head gaskets, with advanced Black Diamond™ coating technology are:

  • Constructed of (5) five stainless steel layers
  • Utilizing patented integrated push rod locators
  • Coated with a Victor Reinz proprietary fluoroelastomer (rubber) coating

*The additional layer helps reduce cylinder head lift to maintain a superior combustion seal.

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Why replace the entire timing cover assembly on 4.3L, 5.0L & 5.7L Vortec engines when MAHLE Original has a timing cover gasket SET?

The OE timing cover gasket is a formed in place gasket (FIPG) of RTV on the timing cover. Removal of the cover involves replacing the entire assembly. MAHLE Original has a set to replace the FIPG and seal – making the job less expensive.

This MAHLE Original gasket set is available for the following applications:

Part No. JV5111 (58mm O.D. seal) and JV5112 (61.5mm O.D. seal)
GM Truck (5.0L) VIN M (‘96-’02)
GM Truck (5.7L) VIN R (‘96-’01)
GM Car (5.7L) VIN R (‘96-’03)

Part No. JV5113
GM Car (4.3L) VIN W (‘96-’05)
GM Car (4.3L) VIN W (‘96-’05)

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Multi-Layered Agricultural Head Gaskets

MAHLE Original OE Form, Fit & Function makes a difference!

The MAHLE Original® gaskets have three layers and are the factory design which are metal clad and contain every factory grommet. Grommets increase the sealing load around the fluid and combustion openings.

Brand F has two layers; a steel layer is missing from the top. This gasket is also missing the coolant grommets, but includes the high pressure oil grommet. It is composed of a noncored sealing material which would further aggravate the high pressure oil grommet and combustion sealing load during engine operation. Without grommets, it is difficult to obtain the proper sealing load at fluid openings that are not near a bolt.

On the surface, the MAHLE Original gasket may appear more expensive, but it comes with the peace of mind that your machinery is properly sealed - done right the first time!

Watch our video on YouTube for more information.

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MAHLE Original has the MOST COMPLETE head set for the Ford 6.4L Power Stroke® engine!

The MAHLE Original set has 71 more pieces - such as the lower valve cover and intake/exhaust manifold gaskets, o-rings, high pressure oil pump and valve steam seals, and more... '

(Visit for more information)

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Honda Civic 1.8L Exhaust Manifold Gasket
Another Example of MAHLE Original Form, Fit & Function

OE Honda design uses a multi-layer stainless steel with embossment which concentrates the sealing load to prevent leaks and burn out.

The MAHLE Original gasket for the Honda has OE form, fit & function utilizing the same style multi-layer stainless steel with embossment... delivering the same performance as the original!

Brand F uses a perforated material without embossment which can allow for creep
and burn out.

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MAHLE Original has what YOU need when changing the Fuel Injectors in a 6.6L Duramax Diesel!

MAHLE Original created Master Valve Cover Sets to include all the necessary gaskets needed for installing fuel injectors in a Duramax Diesel. The OE sells all the parts separately which provides you with extra parts you don’t need and added expense.

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Duramax rocker cover gaskets ... What you see is what you get – MAHLE Original IS OE Quality!

OE Duramax diesel rocker cover gaskets use rubber coated single-layer stainless steel with embossment which concentrates the sealing load to prevent leaks.

The MAHLE Original rocker cover gasket has OE form, fit & function utilizing the same style rubber coated single-layer stainless steel with embossment... delivering the same performance as the original!

Brand F uses a simple graphite material without embossment.

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Replacing the spark plugs on a 3.0L Saturn VUE? MAHLE Original has the gaskets you'll need!

MAHLE Original gaskets are specifically molded to precise specifications in order to ensure proper OE form, fit & function. So why choose anything else?

Watch our video on YouTube for more information.

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MAHLE Original has the gaskets for ALL THREE Subaru Impreza WRX engines!

MAHLE Original has 17 different gasket sets available, including:

  • Head Sets
  • Lower Sets
  • Manifold Sets
  • Valve Cover Sets
  • Turbo Sets
  • ... And head bolts

We've got the EJ253 and EX30D engines covered too.

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Jeep 4.0L Head Gasket Sets!

Trust in OE Quality... trust in MAHLE Original!

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If you need gaskets for a Chevy or GM Truck with a Duramax® Diesel Engine... MAHLE Original has you covered.

  • Industry leading coverage for this very popular engine
  • Four different head gaskets capable of handing the HP Duramax owners demand
  • Head sets, lower sets, head bolts, manifold installation sets and valve cover sets – MAHLE Original has them all
  • OE Form Fit & Function

Download PDF [PDF; 1939 KB]

MAHLE Original features OE form, fit & function in exhaust gaskets for the 3.7L and 4.7L Dodge/Jeep trucks!

MAHLE Original is committed to staying in step withchanging sealing technology; an example is the exhaust manifold gaskets for late model Dodge/Jeep trucks.

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MAHLE Original has the MOST COMPLETE timing cover set for the 6.0L & 6.4L Power Stroke® engines!

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The 6.0L Power Stroke® is HOT!

Don’t limit yourself with the factory manifold 8-piece set... MAHLE Original understands the pain of not having all the parts you need.. Our manifold installation set for the Ford Power Stroke is the solution!

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