08/21/2014 MAHLE Aftermarket News issue 3/2014 online

Inside our customer magazine: MAHLE coolant pump with patented valve control; MAHLE range extender —performance in a new class; Turbo exchange — a highly complex task.


08/20/2014 The latest TechCheck is online.

Turbochargers are like race horses. They deliver outstanding performance, but are demanding. Because they can reach their maximum speed within seconds, it is important that their core component, the so-called rotating assembly, is perfectly supplied with oil...


07/25/2014 The latest TechCheck is online.

Polyphenol filters are quite a bit more expensive than activated carbon cabin air filters—but it is claimed that they keep more than 90 per cent of allergens out of the cabin. So is the extra expense worth it?


06/24/2014 MAHLE Aftermarket News issue 02/2014 online

Inside our customer magazine: Thermostats now in the MAHLE Aftermarket design; Future-oriented environmental management at MAHLE's piston plant in Rottweil; New piston technology — developed by MAHLE; New MAHLE Aftermarket sales office in South Africa.


06/18/2014 New video: MAHLE Original turbocharger

The new film provides an insight into the development and production of the MAHLE Original turbocharger and documents the journey from the initial idea to the finished product, manufactured in original equipment quality.


MAHLE Brand-Box

MAHLE Original

The "Global Star" within the MAHLE Aftermarket brand portfolio. The brand MAHLE stands for engine parts and filters of uncompromising quality - in original equipment and aftermarket.


Knecht Filter

The brand Knecht has been part of the MAHLE brand family for decades. The filter specialist stands Europe-wide for strong brand values and strong customer relationships.


Perfect Circle

Perfect Circle is the well-established brand for piston rings with a range that has been extended over the years by engine components such as pistons and cylinder liners.



Clevite is an American brand with one of the oldest pedigrees and supplies pistons, assemblies, cylinder liners, bearings and valves for American commercial vehicles as well as construction and agricultural equipment applications.


Metal Leve *

The traditional brand Metal Leve has been part of the MAHLE brand family for decades. It became a synonym for engine components.

*not available in Europe.


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