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MAHLE Aftermarket Ltd. wins 'Supplier of the Year'


The new version of our Technical Messenger 10/2017 is now online!

Leaves in the water tank



MAHLE honored as "Best Catalogue" and "Supplier of the Year"!


The new version of our Technical Messenger 09/2017 is now online!

Connection defect when changing the starter motor


Welcome to the innovative MAHLE ECat-Relaunch with new features

We would like to introduce the new MAHLE Aftermarket ECat in the Relaunch-Version shortly.


Now at your fingertips: MPULSE as a print magazine

The first issue of MPULSE as a print magazine is here! With a cool look, fascinating topics, and helpful tips.


The new version of our Technical Messenger 08/2017 is now online!

Bleeding the fuel system following a filter change


The new version of our Technical Messenger 07/2017 is now online!

Power loss as a result of defective crankcase ventilation


AGRO 2017

MAHLE Aftermarket at the biggest agricultural exhibition in Ukraine



MAHLE Aftermarket participates in AD OPEN FEST 2017


The new version of our Technical Messenger 06/2017 is now online!


An important award for MAHLE CareMetix® in Poland


The new version of our Technical Messenger 05/2017 is now online!


The new version of our Technical Messenger 04/2017 is now online!


The new version of our Technical Messenger 03/2017 is now online!


The new version of our Technical Messenger 02/2017 is now online!


The new version of our Technical Messenger 01/2017 is now online!


The new version of our Technical Messenger 09/2016 is now online!


The new version of our Technical Messenger 08/2016 is now online!


The new version of our Technical Messenger 07/2016 is now online!


MAHLE Aftermarket News issue 2016 online

The MAHLE Aftermarket customer magazine about our world-first cabin filter CareMetix®, our new A/C service units with E³ technology, and our solutions for individual E-mobility.


The new version of our Technical Messenger 06/2016 is now online!


The new version of our Technical Messenger 02/2016 is now online!


MAHLE Aftermarket News issue 03/2015 online

The MAHLE Aftermarket customer magazine about Increasing efficiency through Electrification, Two-stage turbochargin and the youngest MAHLE subsidiaries Letrika and Delphi.


The new version of our Technical Messenger 03/2015 is now online!


The new version of our Technical Messenger 02/2015 is now online!


MAHLE Aftermarket News issue 2/2015 online

In this edition, the MAHLE Aftermarket customer magazine reports about the new MAHLE subsidiary Letrika, drivable smartphones, and repair tips for A/C service and oil filters.


Repair shop equipment: products and downloads from MAHLE Service Solutions now online

Up-to-date information and downloads for repair shop equipment product lines are now available on our website and in the MAHLE Aftermarket online catalogue


MAHLE Aftermarket News issue 1/2015 online

Inside our customer magazine: Global megatrends and future market scenarios in the automotive sector; MAHLE Aftermarket is expanding its range to include service units and services relating to maintenance and service; What modern cabin air filters are—and are not—capable of.


MAHLE Aftermarket News issue 3/2014 online

Inside our customer magazine: MAHLE coolant pump with patented valve control; MAHLE range extender —performance in a new class; Turbo exchange — a highly complex task.


The latest TechCheck is online.

Turbochargers are like race horses. They deliver outstanding performance, but are demanding. Because they can reach their maximum speed within seconds, it is important that their core component, the so-called rotating assembly, is perfectly supplied with oil...


The latest TechCheck is online.

Polyphenol filters are quite a bit more expensive than activated carbon cabin air filters—but it is claimed that they keep more than 90 per cent of allergens out of the cabin. So is the extra expense worth it?


MAHLE Aftermarket News issue 02/2014 online

Inside our customer magazine: Thermostats now in the MAHLE Aftermarket design; Future-oriented environmental management at MAHLE's piston plant in Rottweil; New piston technology — developed by MAHLE; New MAHLE Aftermarket sales office in South Africa.


New video: MAHLE Original turbocharger

The new film provides an insight into the development and production of the MAHLE Original turbocharger and documents the journey from the initial idea to the finished product, manufactured in original equipment quality.


The latest TechCheck is online.

A properly functioning cabin air filter is particularly important for commercial vehicles. It prevents pollutants from entering the driver's cabin—and commercial vehicles are often used in precisely those places where particularly high levels of dust are found...


The latest TechCheck is online.

The HVAC system: in summer we can't do without it, and even in autumn it provides a valuable service on sunny days. In winter it provides dry air in the cabin and prevents windows from fogging up, but even the early days of spring remind us once again that the sun is powerful and the interior of a car can heat up very quickly...


MAHLE Aftermarket News issue 01/2014 online

Inside our customer magazine: MAHLE and Behr —the perfect union; New MAHLE Aftermarket


New features in the MAHLE Aftermarket Online Catalog

The Online Catalog of MAHLE Aftermarket offers its users three new functionalities.


The online catalog's mobile website is available

MAHLE Aftermarket completes its mobile offer: besides the Aftermarket app, the online catalog, optimized for smartphones, is now available for users.


New: the technical series TechCheck

What are the advantages of an automatic start-stop mechanism in a car? What happens when one warms up the car in the winter while it is still in the standing position? Which influence has the position of the air filter onto the protection of pedestrians? Answers to current questions concerning the engine and engine peripherals gives the TechCheck.


Going mobile: MAHLE Aftermarket introduces app

MAHLE Aftermarket, the MAHLE business unit specialising in spare parts, is introducing the MAHLE Aftermarket app on 5 December 2013.


Growing business: MAHLE Aftermarket expands its centre of distribution in Schorndorf

Turbochargers, thermostats, HVAC service units: MAHLE Aftermarket, MAHLE’s spare parts business, is growing – and so are the space requirements in the European centre of distribution in Schorndorf.


MAHLE Aftermarket News issue 03/2013 online

Inside our customer magazine: Biotechnology in cars – MAHLE air ducts made of bioplastic; patents – indicators of innovative strength; short-distance journeys – a subject with consequences for a motor.


Podio Ferrari: MAHLE receives award from Ferrari

At the end of July, Ferrari awarded MAHLE with the “BEST GT Supplier Award”. The sports car manufacturer thus recognised MAHLE for its long-standing support in the field of engines at the traditional Podio Ferrari event.


MAHLE takes over majority share in Behr

Stuttgart-based MAHLE GmbH increases its holding in the Behr Group from 36.85 percent to approximately 51 percent with the acquisition of all shares in the BWK GmbH holding company (BWK).


Our online catalogue now provides even more functions!

Faster search options, more languages, more information with our customer information system...


MAHLE Aftermarket expands its product program for utility vehicles

In 2013 MAHLE Aftermarket, the business unit of MAHLE specialised in spare parts, expands its programme for turbochargers in utility vehicles, construction machinery and agricultural machines with further applications for European and American use.


New growth potential by reducing emissions

Pressrelease April 11, 2013: MAHLE’s spare parts business recorded a moderate increase in sales in Turkey in the 2012 business year.


"auto motor und sport' readers" choice 2013: MAHLE Original is among the top three filter brands

Within the election for the “Best Brand 2013” the readers of the German magazine 'auto motor und sport' voted for two MAHLE brands: in the category Filters MAHLE Original was voted as one of the top three filter brands.


MAHLE welcomes the Minister for Trade and Industry of Baden-Württemberg in Turkey

The Minister of Finance and Economics of Baden-Württemberg Dr. Nils Schmid visited the automotive supplier in its facility in Izmir on the occasion of an economic delegational tour to Turkey.