MAHLE receives “berufundfamilie” work–life balance award

Stuttgart, September 20, 2017 – MAHLE’s locations in Stuttgart/Germany, have been awarded the prestigious “berufundfamilie” certificate for their approach to work–life balance. Michael Glowatzki, Director of Personnel, Human Resources, Legal and Member of the MAHLE Management Board, accepted the certificate from Martin Volz-Neidlinger, auditor at berufundfamilie Service GmbH.

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  • MAHLE locations in Stuttgart receive the prestigious seal of approval for their family-friendly personnel policy.
  • In the auditing process, the available tools for supporting work–life balance were evaluated and additional company-specific measures agreed.

For MAHLE, the “berufundfamilie” audit represents a key component in the ongoing development of its family-friendly and life-stage-aware personnel policy. “We want our employees to be able to reconcile the demands of their work with their private lives as effectively as possible. The certificate is an important step on our journey toward firmly rooting this issue in our company on a long-term, sustainable basis,” explains Michael Glowatzki.

Award-winning: wide range of schemes relating to career, family, and private life for MAHLE employees

MAHLE is continuously working to improve conditions for its employees and to give them tools that help to balance family, leisure activities, and work. Notable among these measures are flexible working time models as well as childcare provision. At MAHLE in Stuttgart, a company kindergarten that cares for children from the age of six months has been located next to the corporate headquarters for several years. MAHLE also offers a range of vacation care programs.

Locations closely inspected

The MAHLE locations in Stuttgart have been allowed to carry the “berufundfamilie” quality standard since August 31, 2017. As part of the successful audit process, the berufundfamilie Service GmbH organization ran workshops and other events at MAHLE’s Stuttgart locations. These discussions touched not only on the current status of the measures already in place, but also on the potential for the further development of existing ideas relating to working hours, the organization of work, leadership, personnel development, and services for families. The auditing process resulted in an action program, which will be implemented over the next three years until the next audit. These steps will include, for example, reaching an agreement on mobile working as well as the establishment of a partnership with an external provider to arrange nursing care, childcare, and housekeeping services.

About the “berufundfamilie” audit

Applicable to all sectors and to companies of different sizes, the audit documents the current status of those measures that are already in place to support families and employees in different life stages, systematically develops the individual company’s potential, and uses binding target agreements to ensure that an awareness of the needs of families becomes firmly rooted in the organization’s culture. Once this process is successfully completed, an independent advisory board made up of key representatives from business, science, politics, and associations issues the audit certificate. The practical implementation is reviewed by the berufundfamilie Service GmbH organization on an annual basis. After three years, additional goals affecting personnel policy may be agreed in a reaudit. Since the audit was introduced, more than 1,600 employers have been awarded the certificate. At present, a total of 971 employers have been certified in accordance with the “berufundfamilie” audit or the “familiengerechte hochschule” audit for higher education institutions. The audit is supported by Germany’s Federal Ministry for Family Affairs, Senior Citizens, Women and Youth and the Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy.


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