MAHLE Aftermarket Introduces MAHLE Performance Bearings for the Sport Compact/Import Market

Farmington Hills, MI (April 5, 2018)…MAHLE Aftermarket Inc., manufacturer of Clevite Engine Bearings, introduces MAHLE Performance engine bearings developed specifically for the high performance needs of the sport compact and import racing market.

Designed as a one-stop shop for engine builders to source quality engine bearings, the MAHLE performance product line offers the largest coverage for the sport compact and import race markets. Suppliers of MAHLE engine bearings are able to quickly source high quality performance and OE fit engine bearings from one manufacturer – backed by years of research, testing, and performance on and off the track.

MAHLE has decades of experience developing engine bearings for the most demanding motorsports and is the largest supplier in the world of engine bearings for the sport compact and import racing markets. MAHLE is now able to offer its customers one comprehensive sport compact and import racing specialty engine bearing product offering; designed to be easy to stock and shelve with a brand, like Clevite, that they can trust.

Engine builders that need to reduce downtime for a rebuild or quickly get a vehicle race ready will now be able to purchase MAHLE Performance engine bearings wherever Clevite® engine bearings are sold.

“We’re very excited to introduce this product offering. Clevite engine bearings are the most recognized and trusted race bearings in the USA. MAHLE Performance engine bearings which are backed by the product development, innovation, and quality associated with the Clevite brand name, are the standard engine bearing for high performance vehicles around the globe. With our longtime focus in the sport compact and import racing markets and established MAHLE brand recognition it was perfect timing to introduce a complete sport compact and import racing engine bearing product offering. The level of engineering, superior materials, and product quality will be in every set of MAHLE Performance engine bearings, as it is for Clevite bearings,” says Jon Douglas, President of MAHLE Aftermarket North America.

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