MAHLE – The Global Leader in Forward-thinking Concepts, Products, and Systems

Farmington Hills, MI… September 3, 2015 - MAHLE began modestly in early 1920's Germany when Hermann and Ernst Mahle went to work for a small German piston manufacturer. Hermann was soon the company's commercial manager, while Ernst excelled as MAHLE's engineering manager. By 1933, they were the company's sole owners eventually renaming it MAHLE KG in 1938. After several decades of ownership, the brothers transfered 99.9 percent ownership to the MAHLE Foundation in 1964. More recently in 2007, MAHLE acquired

MAHLE now ranks among the top three automotive systems suppliers worldwide for mobile applications in the areas of engine systems, filtration, electrics/mechatronics, and thermal management. In the original equipment industry, MAHLE provides technologically innovative solutions for automotive, commercial vehicle, machinery, and other industrial applications. The Aftermarket business unit also serves the independent parts market with MAHLE products in OE quality.

As of 2014, MAHLE has presences in all major world markets generating over $13 billion in sales, and employs over 66,000 employees at approximately 150 production locations. At ten major research and development centers in Germany, Great Britain, the USA, Brazil, Japan, China, and India, more than 4,500 development engineers and technicians are working on forward-looking concepts, products, and systems.

MAHLE’s performance presence in North America is centered primarily around pistons, piston rings, and engine bearings. Three key MAHLE manufacturing facilities in North America support the OE, aftermarket, and motorsports business. All pistons are manufactured in the Morristown, TN piston plant, including the MAHLE Motorsport parts used at virtually every racing venue in the world. All piston rings are produced in St. Johns, MI. MAHLE’s steel ring expertise and experience is second to none, and includes a substantial racing and performance product line. Atlantic, Iowa, is home to the MAHLE engine bearing plant making Clevite’s well-known racing bearings. All Clevite bearings come from this plant, as well as a substantial share of heavy duty OE engine bearings for North American manufacturers.

Conservation and the environment are also important to MAHLE as it works to significantly reduce fuel consumption and emissions of vehicles, and their related components, within an aggressive timeframe. This requires great effort in powertrain engineering, always individually adapted to the technical conditions of the respective markets. MAHLE therefore places great value on global technological leadership in all business units, and these efforts will increase throughout the coming decades.

But MAHLE represents far more than simply products; it is a dedicated core of employees seeking to better the world through sustainability and stable business practices. The MAHLE Foundation continues to serve many charitable causes promoting healthcare, youth development and welfare, schooling, general adult education and vocational training, as well as such unique areas including organic farming. In recent years, the foundation has expanded its area of activity into medical and social projects in many countries, most notably Brazil.

Dr. Ernst Mahle would certainly be proud of just how well his concepts served to revolutionize overall engine technology and the impact his globally significant corporation has on the world today.

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