CLEVITE is the number one name in replacement engine bearings – delivering on the track and in machine shops around the country. With track proven performance in engines with thousands of horsepower, it is obvious CLEVITE engine bearings have the strength to handle any light vehicle application.

TriMetal™ Engine Bearings

Clevite TriMetal engine bearing with seizure resistance and 60% higher load capacity compared to competitors.
Clevite TriMetal™ material

CLEVITE® TriMetal™ engine bearings have been the industry standard since the first patent on the cast, copper, lead composition decades ago. The success and notoriety CLEVITE has earned on the race track proves the commitment to excellence maintained by all who contribute to the CLEVITE brand. This track success provides CLEVITE the ultimate proving ground for technologies that yield results in all passenger car and light vehicle applications.

  • Seizure Resistance - CLEVITE TriMetal™ engine bearings have as much as 40% better seizure resistance than competitors' engine bearings
  • Load Capacity - CLEVITE TriMetal™ engine bearings can withstand over 60% higher loads for extended periods compared to competitors' engine bearings
  • Embedability & Conformability - The overlay on a TriMetal™ engine bearing offers a superior surface for forgiveness, offering additional protection that can be extremely beneficial in an engine that is poorly maintained
  • Durability - CLEVITE TriMetal™ engine bearings not only exceed light vehicle OE durability requirements of 150,000 miles, they also exceed heavy vehicle OE durability requirements of 300,000 miles

BiMetal™ Engine Bearings

Clevite BiMetal engine bearing with 100% lead free aluminum silicon bi-metal material.
Clevite BiMetal™ material

As more and more OE manufacturers shift to aluminum bearings in OE engines, CLEVITE has introduced a new line of engine bearings designed to be the highest quality replacement bearings in the industry. CLEVITE BiMetal™ engine bearings carry on the tradition and reputation that CLEVITE has built throughout the course of time. CLEVITE BiMetal engine bearings feature a 100% lead free aluminum silicon bi-metal material, which includes 60% more silicon than the leading competitor's bi-metal material for better conditioning of journal surfaces. These BiMetal bearings also offer greater wear resistance than the leading competitor's bi-metal material, as well as greater seizure resistance. CLEVITE BiMetal bearings feature 100% bored ID's for precision and surface characteristics and where appropriate - straight shell main bearings utilizing an "umbrella" groove that allows for superior oil control and improved pressure.

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