Top Gasket Questions Answered by Bogi from All Girls Garage and Experts from Petty’s Garage on MAHLE Facebook Live Event

Farmington Hills, Mich., July 5, 2017 – Television personality andshop owner Bogi Lateiner, co-host of Velocity’s “All Girls Garage”was the host of the recent MAHLE Aftermarket Facebook Liveevent on “Gasket Do’s and Don’ts”. She was joined by MAHLEOriginal® gasket expert Bill McKnight and Shop Foreman DougMurph from Petty’s Garage, as they answered questions aboutgaskets and other engine related topics.

Bogi, along with MAHLE and Petty’s Garage experts, addressed questions from viewers in real time via the company’s first in a series of Facebook Live events. The event can be viewed on the MAHLE Motorsport North America Facebook Page at: 9125419/ To date, the archived video has nearly 15,000 views.

“This MAHLE Aftermarket Facebook Live event was the first in a series we have planned,” said Jon Douglas, President, MAHLE Aftermarket Inc. “These events will focus on educating technicians about challenges they are facing with respect to product installation, best practices in maintenance, and any issue they might be faced with in their everyday work. The Facebook Live platform offers a unique opportunity for technicians to interact directly with some of the industry’s most well-respected experts.”

The questions the experts addressed included:

  • “Do gaskets need a sealer and, if so, what sealer is best for what type of gasket?”
  • “What does the term MIS gasket sets mean and what is included in it?”
  • “Is it bad to reuse gaskets?”
  • “How can you tell the difference between a low-quality and a high-quality gasket just by looking at it and not knowing the materials it was made from?”
  • “What are the advantages to multi-layer steel gaskets versus composite gaskets?”

MAHLE Original gaskets match OE parts in form, fit, and function; ensuring that the parts are designed and constructed to the same exacting standards as the gaskets that came on the vehicle. MAHLE Original gasket sets include all the parts necessary for the technician to do the job correctly.

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