“Problem Child“ Top Fuel Hydroplane Drag Boat Supported by MAHLE Aftermarket Inc.

Farmington Hills, MI…October 13, 2016 – Eddie Knox, owner of the celebrated “Problem Child” Top Fuel Hydroplane, is thankful for years of MAHLE Aftermarket support. “Problem Child” was Top Fuel World Champion in 2006, and 2011 through 2013, along with the quickest run in history at 3.36 seconds, as well as five of the top ten quickest of all time.

”I have been using MAHLE pistons and rings since the 1970’s when I worked on my many motorcycle and Volkswagen engines,” Knox shared. “I met Bill McKnight, MAHLE Aftermarket Training Team Leader, at the Performance Racing Industry (PRI) trade show many years ago. He was impressed with our racing success, and they have been supporting us with Clevite® engine bearing products ever since. And because of that, we purchase the rest of our product needs from MAHLE Aftermarket as well.”

Top Fuel Hydroplane boats utilize the same eight to ten thousand horsepower, super-charged, nitro-burning, 500 cubic inch Hemi engines as an NHRA Top Fuel Dragster or Funny Car, but weighing in at 3500 pounds, and with speeds up to 260 mph.

“We are very proud to be associated with the legendary “Problem Child” Top Fuel Hydroplane,” stated Jon Douglas, President of MAHLE Aftermarket Inc. “We at MAHLE Aftermarket Inc. wish to congratulate ‘Fast’ Eddie Knox for all of his quick runs and numerous Top Fuel championships in the Lucas Oil Drag Boat Series.”

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