MAHLE and AAPEX Legal Teams Execute Successful Patent and Trademark Infringement Raids at Show

Las Vegas, Nov. 17, 2015 – Representatives from MAHLE and the Intellectual Property Office of AAPEX management confiscated parts from numerous exhibitors at the recent AAPEX show in Las Vegas, from November 3rd through 5th, for claims that the parties infringed MAHLE’s trademarks and patents, and violated the AAPEX Show Rules. Three trademark infringements were discovered; two of them resulted in confiscation of the items from the booth and a warning by AAPEX management relating to the AAPEX rules. MAHLE re

Additionally, MAHLE representatives found several exhibitors displaying products with MAHLE patent infringements. With its team of IP lawyers and managers, and accompanied by AAPEX management, MAHLE confiscated the products from the offending exhibitors. MAHLE explained to each party that it actively enforces its intellectual property rights globally and issued stern warnings to each exhibitor.

“MAHLE takes intellectual property very seriously, and we are appreciative of the partnership with AAPEX management in addressing this acute problem in our industry,” said Jon Douglas, General Manager, MAHLE Aftermarket North America. “This combined presence sends a strong message to our customers, our competitors, and most important the criminals planning to do business in this manner, that we will vigorously protect the intellectual property rights of MAHLE.”

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